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Housing is a vital part of our vision to make Gedling the best place to live and work. We work with partners to make sure everyone can access the housing they need, to improve housing quality, increase supply and regenerate neighbourhoods.

Gedling Housing & Localities Service

Although we transferred our council housing stock to Gedling Homes in 2008, that doesn't mean that "we don't do housing any more". We are heavily involved in helping to improve the quality of housing, minimise homelessness and help to guide the provision of the homes that local people need.

Housing is one of the council's priorities, and a vital factor in our local economy. As a local housing authority, we work with a range of partners to assess local housing needs and plan to meet them, facilitate new supply, especially affordable homes, and make sure we're making the best use of our existing homes.

Our objectives under our Homes priority are:

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Housing register changes

In November 2013, we are making changes to our social housing register to implement our new allocations policy [622kb]. Only people who have a need to move home and a local connection to Gedling will qualify to be on the housing register.

We are currently making changes to our social housing register. In order to make the best use of the social housing we do have, and to make sure that people get advice about appropriate housing options for them, we adopted a new housing allocations policy earlier this year. This means that:

What do I need to do?

Most applicants in Bands 1, 2 and 3 are not affected by this. However if you are in Band 4, and you are under 50, it is likely that your application will be cancelled and you will no longer be able to bid for social housing. If you are in Band 4 and everyone in your household is over 50, you may be restricted to bidding for sheltered housing properties, as these are the only properties you qualify for.

If you think that you should, in fact, be in a higher band, or that you have a local connection, you will need to contact us to show that you can answer "Yes" to one item from List 1 and one item from List 2 below. If you cannot show this, then unfortunately it is unlikely that you will qualify.

We will still provide assistance and advice about housing options for anybody who needs it - it is just that not everybody who qualify for social housing.

Why are we doing this?

Just as in most of the UK, there is not enough social housing in Gedling to provide it for everybody who wants it. In the last two years, 603 social housing properties have been let in Gedling, but around 3,600 households applied to go on the register. We currently have around 2,400 households on the housing register. On average, 44 people bid for each property, and one flat attracted 203 bids.

Most people have to wait for months or years, and many people in the lowest priority band have no realistic prospect of ever getting social housing in Gedling, no matter how long they wait. This means that people are given false hope, and have to spend their time applying for properties they have very little chance of getting, rather than focussing on more realistic housing options such as private rent or mutual exchange of social housing.

 What do we regard as a housing need? List 1


Do you have a medical condition or disability that is made worse by your current home?


Do you have a medical condition or disability that means you cannot live in your home, or cannot access parts of it (e. g. cannot get up stairs, cannot access the bathroom)?


Do you have to leave your home due to regeneration, demolition, major repair, fire or flood, or because your home has been assessed as unsafe by the Council?


Is your home overcrowded (i. e. you need more bedrooms than you have)?


Is your social housing property under-occupied (i.e. you have more bedrooms than you need)?


Are you homeless, or are you going to be homeless within the next 8 weeks?


Do you need to move because of harassment, domestic violence or other violence?


Have you succeeded to the tenancy of a property that is not suitable for your needs?


Are you in supported accommodation and ready to move on to your own tenancy?


Are you an approved foster carer who needs to move in order to foster children?


Are you a lodger with children who is sharing facilities (e.g. a kitchen, a bathroom) with other people who are not in your household?


Are you experiencing hardship in your current home? (e. g. cannot afford the rent etc.)


Are you 50 or over and want to move into sheltered accommodation?


Are you disabled, with no children, and want to move into sheltered accommodation?


 What do we regard as a local connection? List 2


Have you lived in Gedling for the last 12 months, or 3 of the last 5 years?


Are you in paid work in Gedling for at least 16 hours per week?


Do you need to move to Gedling to support, or be supported by, a parent, sibling or adult child, who has lived in Gedling for at least the last 5 years?


Have you been accepted as homeless by Gedling Borough Council?


Have you been accepted by Gedling Borough Council for priority re-housing under a “reciprocal arrangement” with another council or social landlord?


Did you used to live in Gedling before being placed in local authority care as a child?


Do you need to move as part of a police witness protection programme?


Did you have a local connection to Gedling (2a, 2b or 2c) before you were placed in temporary accommodation by another council?


Are you serving in the regular Armed Forces, Reserve Forces or Territorial Army, or have you served in those forces within the last 5 years?


Are you 50 or over, with no children, and want to move into sheltered accommodation?


Are you disabled, with no children, and want to move into sheltered accommodation?

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