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The 2012 Olympics provides an opportunity for us all to celebrate and be inspired by the games taking place in London. 'Go Gedling' is our logo to help promote the games locally through events and activities

We want to ensure that residents feel part of the Games. We plan to use the Games to inspire local residents to embrace the ethos of the Olympics, increase levels of participation in sport, physical activity and volunteering.

We have developed a series of events and activities that will take place in Gedling over the year, which will be communicated using our new logo.

We’ll keep this page updated with relevant information in the run up to the 2012 Olympics/Paralympics this summer so to find out more please use the drop down headings below:

Flames Lighting the way

The Flames festival is an Olympic and Paralympic value driven programme, delivered by young leaders and centred on physical activity and health. 95 young people took part in a multi sport festival at Redhill Leisure centre which was organised By Gedling Borough Council and Redhill Academy. 

As part of the festival, there was a massive dance warm up followed by various sporting activities for the young people to take part in which was organised by 25 young leaders from Redhill Academy, the festival also included the young people having access to the London 1948 Olympic torch.

“The day was really enjoyable because we got to put all our skills into an actual event and it was made even better by the children being well behaved and enthusiastic. We definitely learned a lot from this day and hope to do more leading in the future”.

By Emilee Corbett and Laura Reynolds (sports leaders)

 For more information about FLAMES lighting the way please visit

Jo Jackson Interview

We caught up with Team GB swimmer Jo Jackson when she dropped in to a training sessions with Arnold Swimming Club, and found out a bit more about her love for swimming and her thoughts on  the Olympics this summer:

You’ve been swimming all your life, what benefits have you taken from that?

I can eat anything I like….only joking! It’s great fun, I love swimming, and even as a child I was quite a sporty person and I love being active and I was never one for sitting at home and watching the telly, I always wanted to be up and about doing things. I think that’s a good thing, it’s great to be a part of sport and great for youngsters to look up to their idols. Sport provides a great health benefit, and even for older people it’s important that they can get involved as it’s good for bones and keeping weight off, and the more people who get involved in sport the better it is for their life as well.

If someone was thinking of getting involved in sport, what’s the one thing you’d say to motivate them?

Just enjoy it, and take it one step at a time! Some people think they can run a marathon without putting the effort in, but take it one step at a time, and even if it’s walking to work in the morning or going for a walk in the park or a small bike ride you can enjoy it. Swimming’s a great one for all ages, it’s so easy to go to your local pool and go in for 20 minutes, and if you did that once or twice a week that’d be good for you.

It’s all starting to ramp up for the Olympics isn’t it? Are you feeling the excitement?

It’s so exciting! We had our Olympic trials a few weeks ago and I didn’t know if I’d qualified until quite recently. So I was excited about the prospect of the London Games, but also a little bit reserved if I didn’t qualify. But now that I’ve qualified I can start to get excited about it. You know the fact that it’s in London, as a child you never think you’ll get the chance to participate in the Olympics never mind a home Olympics. But the fact that I know I’m going there to race, is just fantastic, and I’m looking forward to the whole experience and the whole atmosphere there.

How different is the London Olympics going to be for you?

It’s just going to be amazing! Going to an Olympics is fantastic, but knowing that all my family and friends will be there to cheer me on along with everybody across the country. We’ve never experienced anything like this before, so it’s just going to be such an incredible time, and it’s just going to give the whole of Team GB a massive boost and will definitely help us.

How’s the training going?

It’s going really well. I’m off to Florida soon for some extra training, and it’ll be nice to get away and get some outdoor training. It’s been so full-on with everything from now until the Olympics, so it’s time to get your head down and get ready for the games.

Gedling Torch Bearers

5 local residents have been chosen to be part of the torch relay as the Olympic flame passes through Nottinghamshire. Congratulations to the following:

  • Ella Smallwood (12yrs) - member of the Gedling Athletic Development Academy and winner of the Gedling Sports Awards for the Primary School team 2012  
  • Jack Burrows (14yrs) - speed skater, achieved team gold at the youth Olympics in Innsbruck 2012. Winner of the Gedling Sports Awards young sportsman of the year for 2010 and 2011.
  • Dan Edson (20yrs) - coach at the Gedling Athletic Development Academy, Mellish RFC and coaching intern at Leicester Tigers RFC. Winner of the Gedling Sports Awards Junior Coach of the year 2008.
  • Sasha Matthews - member of Arnold Swimming Club/Nova Squad and National squad. Team bronze medallist in the Commonwealth Games 2010. Gedling Sports Awards Winner for Junior Sportsperson of the year 2009. 

  • David Fortescue, who is also a member of Arnold Swimming Club will be part of the torch relay as it passes through  Sutton-On-Sea, Skegness on Wednesday 27 June.

Spotlight on Handball

Developed in Denmark, Sweden and Germany in the late 19th century outdoor handball made its first appearance at the Olympics in 1936. The modern indoor version went on to make its Olympic debut at Munich 1972.

Handball is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each (six outfield players and a goalkeeper) pass a ball around and aim to throw it into the goal of the opposition. A match consists of two periods of 30 minutes, and the team with the most goals scored wins.

Gedling Warriors Handball Club became an established club in February 2012.

The ‘Warriors’ men’s team are now primed to compete in a brand new regional league in Central & Eastern England from September 2012 and will be playing regular friendlies right up to then.

The club has ambitions to grow and is currently developing a ladies team, as well as being on the look out for volunteers to help run the club. Timekeepers, scorers and even referees are needed, not to mention some cheering fans. In the future it is hoped that the Warriors might be able to get involved in wheelchair handball “Wheels of Fire” which is still very new to the UK.

Training takes place every Thursday 7pm till 8.30pm at Gedling Community Sports Centre, Gedling School, Gedling, NG4 4HX.

To find out more please visit the Warriors web site  or contact Colin at if you are interested in joining.

Spotlight on Gymnastics

Have you been inspired by the men’s and women teams performance in Gymnastics during the Olympics? Then Gedling Gymnastics is the club for you.

Gedling Gymnastic club - This is an up and coming club into the fun world of gymnastics! The club is based on displays for members of public and have even been known to enter the odd competition! 

Gedling Gym Club has been running for 5 years which was originally set up by Gedling Borough Council. It has managed to develop over the years to become a self sustaining club for children aged 5years+ with chances for adults to get involved as well. 

The main aim of the club is to ensure that gymnasts have a fun time while learning some new and exciting skills and if they want to carry on into the routes of competitive gymnastics then there are several links/ partnerships which can be used to help guide children towards their targets and visions.

For more information please contact Akila Malik via or telephone 07954 428630, or visit their website

Did you know that during the games there are two disciplines within gymnastics taking place?

Artistic Gymnastics - is usually divided into Men's and Women's Gymnastics. Typically men compete on six events: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar, while women compete on four: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise.

Rhythmic gymnastics - only women compete in rhythmic gymnastics although there is a new version of this discipline for men being pioneered in Japn. This is a sport that combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance and apparatus manipulation. The sport involves the performance of five separate routines with the use of five apparatus—ball, ribbon, hoop, clubs, rope—on a floor area, with a much greater emphasis on the aesthetic rather than the acrobatic. There are also group routines consisting of 5 gymnasts and 5 apparatuses of their choice.

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