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We offer a number of parks and open spaces for you to enjoy for free. 

Please browse the tables below for information on our Parks and Open Spaces:

Opening and closing times vary during the year.


LocationWhat's there?
Arnot Hill Park, Nottingham Rd Children's play area, bowling green and pavilion, skateboard park, ball court, cafe and toilets, lake, nature trail with art sculptures, tree trail, sensory garden, rose garden, tree sculptures,  Gedling Borough Council Offices and regular community activities including the annual Arnold Carnival held in June.
Arno Vale Rec. Ground, Arno Vale Rd Junior football pitch, play area. Ball court
Bestwood Country Park (South East Section) Car Park, Toilets, Bestwood Lodge Hotel, Japanese Gardens, Arboretum, Mature Woodlands, Sports field, grazing field
Burntstump Country Park Cricket pitch, mature woodlands, pond, open green space.
Church Lane Rec. Ground, Church Lane Children's play area, senior football pitches, small ball court
Coppice Farm, Coppice Road Play area, five-a-side football area
Edison Way Junior play area
Killisick Rec. Ground, Killisick Lane 2 Senior football pitches, Ball Court, Play Area, Outdoor Gym
King George V Rec. Ground, Hallams Lane Children's play area, cricket ground, senior and 7 a side football pitch, pavilion/changing rooms, garden Area, gym equipment, perimeter footpaths/cycle route, skatepark
Queens Bower Rec. Ground, Queens Bower Road Play Area, zip lines, ball court
Salop St. Rec. Ground, Salop St. Daybrook

Children's play area.

Thackerays Lane Rec. Ground, Thackerays Lane Children's play area, junior football pitch, pavilion/changing rooms, Daybrook watercourse and bridge.
Muirfield Road Rec.Ground Play area, open green space.


LocationWhat's there?
Adbolton Rec. Ground Children's play area.
Albert Av. Carlton Hill Children's play area, garden for the blind.
Burton Road Jubilee Park Children's play area, cricket grounds, senior football pitches, pavilion/changing rooms, BMX/Wheeled Sports Facility, 2 Zip Lines, outdoor gym equipment, seating, formal footpaths around perimeter of park, wildflower area, nature trail, regular volunteer sessions.
Carlton Hill Rec. Ground, Carlton Hill Senior football pitch, pavilion/changing rooms.
Carnarvon Grove Play Area, Carnarvon Grove Children's play area.
Cavendish Road Rec. Ground Play area, ball court, open green space.
Conway Rd. Rec. Ground, Conway Road Bowling green, pavilion/changing rooms, 6 tennis courts.
King George V Rec. Ground, Standhill Rd Children's play area, senior football pitch, under 10s football pitch, skatepark and zip Line.
Oakdale Rd. Rec. Ground, Oakdale Road Children's play area, tennis courts.
Valley Road Play Area Play area, open green space.


LocationWhat's there?
Colwick Rec. Ground, Mile End Rd. Children's play area, senior and under 10s football pitches, pavilion/changing rooms, Ball Court, Teen Shelters, Joshua Dale Skatepark
Valeside Gardens

Children's play area



LocationWhat's There?
Gedling Country Park Car Park, various nature habitats including woodlands, ponds and lagoons, footpaths with 4 routes around the park, parkrun Saturday mornings at 9am and Junior parkrun Sunday mornings at 9am, picnic benches, toilets (Autumn 2016), play area (Autumn 2016), regular volunteer sessions.
College Rd. Play area.
Lambley Lane (2) Children's play area, cricket grounds, pavilion/changing rooms.
Lambley Lane (1) Junior and under 10s football pitch, skateboard park, basketball courts, pavilion/changing rooms.
Shelford Rd. Play area at Stanhope Primary School grounds, open to the public outside school hours.
Willow Park Rec. Ground, Jessops Lane. Climbing rocks, Ouse Dyke water course.


LocationWhat's there?
Plains Road/Arnold Lane Play area for under 8's
Haywood Rd. Bowling green, pavilion/changing room
Mapperley Golf Course and Rec. Ground

Teenage five-a-side, basketball courts


LocationWhat's there?
Deabill St. Basketball courts
Victoria Park Under 10s, junior and senior football pitches, pavilion/changing rooms
Jackie Bells Play Area Children's play area, skateboard park, ball Court, natural play, teen shelter


LocationWhat's there?
Tilford Rd. Junior play area, teenage play area


LocationWhat's there?
Breck Hill Rd. Rec. Ground, Breck Hill Children's play area, under 10s and junior football pitches, pavilion/changing rooms


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