Exercise Classes

Stay motivated and enjoy exercising with others across a wide range of classes. The programme includes mind and body, strength and toning, calorie burners and dance orientated sessions.


This sessions is an old favourite. It is often choreographed with a variety of tried and tested moves such as hamstring curls and the grapevine.

Baby Comes Too

A class for adults who can bring their baby along so don't need to worry about childcare. Babies must be no older than 10 months and be in a car seat or similar during the class

Body Blast Express

If you're short on time and want results this is the class for you. Bodyweight exercises only in this 30min class designed to burn calories and increase fitness levels


Utilising the Bosu Ball training tool this session aims to improve your balance, flexibility and posture whilst still delivering a cardio workout to imrpove fitness, strength and also fine tuning skills for sports


Highly energetic aerobics class that takes techniques from the world of martial arts and outs them together to make a routine that will help you burn fat, lose weight and tone up

Bums, Tums & Thighs

This class concentrates on working those troublesome areas - bums, tums and thighs

Circuit Training

Atmospheric, busy, varies and unpredictable hard core workouts. Each station works different parts of the body. Suitable for absolutely all fitness levels.

Chi Flow

A blend of Eastern mediatiotn methods with Western exercise principles. Mind and body connect in one essential class in todays fast paced world

DNA Health Class

A low impact circuit class where individuals can work at their own pace and have routines adapted to their needs. Suitable for people just starting out on their exercise journey.

Express Aerobics

This 30min class brings in the choreographed routines of aerobics into a short & sweet session.

Fight Klub

A combat fitness workout which involves performing simple comhinations of punches, strikes and kicks on a free standing bag to high energy music. techniques are employed from boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai

Functional Fitness

A unique blend of all the latest fitness methods, combining barbells, kettlebells, stepboxes and bodyweight drills. A real calorie burner!

Get Ripped

The ultimate experience in group training. Using many varieties of equipment and styles of training. The class is different each week and offers a diverse range of exercises to keep you motivated.

Gym Circuit

Suitable for adults and children this class takes place in the gym utilising the equipment in a fun packed sessions


Several repetitions of high intensity exercise separated by medium intensity exercise for recovery


Max interval training with modifications offeed and open to all fitness levels. Total body workout, no gym equipment needed. Increase fitness levels and burn up to 1000kcal per hour


Kettlebells are the weapon of choice for this workout! squat and swing these fat destroyers to pumping beats for a truely motivational workout

Line Dancing

A fun and much loved cheorgraphed dance class with an emphasis on fun


Focus on core strength and body balance in this class. It will help promote correct posture, alignment and full body fitness


PiYo uses the muscle-sculpting, core and toning benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. It is delivered in a format that burns fat helping you to achieve a lean physique

Power Step

Intense and powerful cardio-vascular workout. Involves speed, co-ordination, strength and endurance


Cycle yourself fitter with this indoor cycling class. You will improve your cardio fitness and endurance as well as burn fat and help create leaner muscles. (over 16s only)

Rave Fit

This class features simple dance aerobics moves with combined with wicked dance tracks and glow sticks! Rave Fitness classes are taught in the dark which means you can totally let your hair down and let your inner raver loose without a care in the world

Stability Ball

Get on the ball and challenge your core muscles, improve strength and tone whilst working on a stablity ball

Studio Mix

Varied studio based workout involving different equipment each week - hula hoops, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumb-bells, barbells and stability balls. This is a whole body workout and can be adapted to suit all

Studio Strength

This barbell class will work and strengthen your entire body, using majoy muscle groups to help you lose weight and develop strength


20mins of 3 different class disciplines combined to make an hour of fun filled action


This promotes general wellbeing and fitness as well as helping to develop that mind and body connections, increasing strength and flexibility by using various postures and poses.

Yoga Fit

Stems from a discipline called Sun Power Yoga which is a fluid style of yoga for all abiliites. A dynamic class which is guaranteed to improve your strength and flexibility for a full body workout.


Get ready for this high energy, latin inspried dance programme. It's uhgely popular, fantastically fun and will help you to party your way to a new you






























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