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Gedling Access Road

The planned Gedling Access Road (GAR) is a 3.8km road which will run from Mapperley Plains to the A612 at the Burton Road/Nottingham Road and Trent Valley Way junction.

Planning permission for the road was approved in December 2014. Construction works for the road is due to start in 2017 with completion set for 2019.

Nottinghamshire County Council are the highways authority and are leading on the construction of the road. They have a Gedling Access Road webpage with the latest updates on the construction plan. 

The Gedling Access Road proposal is linked to the redevelopment of the Gedling Colliery site.  The Gedling Colliery closed in 1991 and the site was allocated within the Gedling Borough Local Plan for residential and employment development in July 2005. For this site to come forward, it has been indicated that the Gedling Access Road needs to be carried out in conjunction with it in the interests of road capacity and safety. Gedling's Aligned Core Strategy supports the development of the former Colliery Site and the construction of the supporting Gedling Access Road. The scheme proposes to address the increase in the volume of traffic on Arnold Lane (A6211) through Gedling village which has increased significantly over recent years.

Gedling Access Road - Drawing

Gedling Colliery/Chase Farm Site

The primary purpose of the Gedling Access Road is to facilitate redevelopment of the Gedling Colliery/Chase Farm site. The site is identified as a residential led mixed use development in the Aligned Core Strategy. The proposed redevelopment comprises the following:

  • Up to 900 residential dwellings
  • B1 (office) and B2 (light industrial) use-class employment
  • Local Centre
  • A new Country Park, currently under construction, will benefit from the Gedling Access Road but is not dependent upon its delivery.

Future redevelopment of the Gedling Colliery/Chase Farm will be subject to separate planning applications.

The Route

This new road will run from the A612 Burton Road to join  the B684 Mapperley Plains Road to the east of its current junction with Arnold Lane.

Starting just to the west of Whitworth Drive, the road would run between Gedling House Wood and Gedling Wood farm. Passing to the north of Harvey’s Plantation, it would cross Lambley Lane, and follow the edge of the former colliery tip, before turning west through the proposed Development Area.

The final section would be on an embankment running almost parallel with Arnold Lane.

Main Features and Characteristics
  • Designed for a maximum design speed of (70kph) 40mph
  • At the southern end a signal-controlled junction with the A612 Burton Road and the Gedling Major Integrated Transport Scheme (GMITS) also known as the Trent Valley Way, east of Stoke Lane
  • At the northern end a signal-controlled junction with the B684 Mapperley Plains Road
  • Two roundabouts, connecting with the A6211 Arnold Lane and future development area on the former Gedling Colliery site and adjoining land
  • Priority ghost island junctions providing links with the northern and southern portions of Lambley Lane. These ultimately form a staggered right and left hand junction to serve Lambley Lane
  • Embankments along most of the northern section of the road (north of Lambley Lane); at one point rising to a maximum level of approximately 14m in height above existing ground levels (to infill a localised dip in the land)
  • Cuttings in the southern section of the road , up to around 15m in depth below existing ground levels south of Lambley Lane, but shallow (up to 4m depth) further south.

Traffic Implications

A detailed Transport Assessment Report has been prepared in support of the forthcoming planning application. The proposed new junctions and the operation of 5 existing junctions have been assessed for the 2034 ‘with development’ design flows, using ‘industry standard’ traffic modelling computer software packages, so the effect of providing the Gedling Access Road can be determined at these locations:

JunctionJunction Type
A6211 Arnold Lane/ B684 Mapperley Plains Road Signal Controlled
A6211 Arnold Lane/Lambley Lane Simple Priority
A6211 Shearing Hill/A6211 Burton Road Signal Controlled
Burton Road/A612 Nottingham Road Signal Controlled
GAR/B684 Mapperley Plains Road Signal Controlled
GAR/A6211 Arnold Lane Priority Roundabout
GAR/Gedling Colliery Site Access Priority Roundabout
GAR/Lambley Lane (S) Ghost Island Priority
GAR/Lambley Lane (S) Mini-Roundabout
GAR/Lambley Lane (N) Ghost Island Priority
GAR/A612 Nottingham Road Signal Controlled

The Transport Assessment Report forecasts the following:

  • Reduction in traffic flows on the adjacent A6211 corridor as traffic reassigns to make use of the new route
  • Expected beneficial effect on road safety on the A6211 corridor
  • Existing junctions on the A6211 corridor will benefit from the general reduction in traffic with fewer delays and queues experienced in the peak hours
  • The proposed junctions on the Gedling Access Road will operate within the acceptable parameters calculated for 2034 assuming full redevelopment of the Gedling Colliery/Chase Farm site.


Construction & Landscaping

Construction of Gedling Access Road is planned in two phases:

  1. Construction of the new 5-arm roundabout onto the A6211 Arnold Lane is expected to commence in early 2015. This will facilitate development of an initial stage of residential development on the Gedling Colliery/Chase Farm site
  2. Completion of the Gedling Access Road between the B684 Mapperley Plains Road to the north-west and the A612 Colwick Loop Road to the south-east enabling the complete redevelopment of the Gedling Colliery/Chase Farm site.

The exact timescale for Phase 2 has yet to be confirmed and will be partly dependent upon developer interest in the Gedling Colliery/Chase Farm redevelopment.

Landscaping Scheme

Landscape proposals for the Gedling Access Road (GAR) have been developed using a methodology set out in the Highways Agency’s Design Manual For Roads and Bridges (DMRB). The landscape elements for the Gedling Access Road (listed below) have been designed to minimise adverse environmental impacts of the road and provide both visual and acoustic screening to the immediate and wider surrounding area:

  • Grassland - species rich grassland for nature conservation
  • Native Planting – woodland, trees, shrubs
  • Hedges
  • Wetland Habitats – emergent and submerged aquatic plants.

Street Lighting

The entire route of the GAR including the roundabouts and the priority ghost islands will be fully lit. All lighting design will be required to meet the Local Highway Authority Road Lighting Specification.

Public Access

The proposed Gedling Access Road will provide a new 3.0m wide shared footway/cycleway with a 0.5m wide safety buffer strip along its entire length between the B684 Mapperley Plains Road and the A612 Colwick Loop Road/Burton Road/Whitworth Drive junctions.

Scheme Partners and Funding Streams

Scheme Partners

  • Nottinghamshire County Council – Local Highway Authority
  • Gedling Borough Council – Local Planning Authority, anticipated financial contributions through the emerging Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
  • Homes & Communities Agency – The Government Agency and major land owner contributing to bringing forward the development at the Gedling Colliery/Chase Farm site
  • WYG – Planning consultants
  • Developer (Gedling Colliery/Chase Farm site) – to be appointed. Financial contributor
  • Nottingham City Council – Major landowner

Benefits of the Scheme

  • The construction of the Gedling Access Road will:
  • Unlock the re-development of the former Gedling Colliery site for sustainable mixed use development through the provision of safe and adequate access to the site
  • Assist in relieving traffic congestion from roads within the vicinity of the former Gedling Colliery site which are currently at or approaching capacity (e.g. Arnold Lane)
  • Result in improvements to the existing junction of Mapperley Plains Road and Arnold Road
  • Provide a safe and effective route linking Gedling and the surrounding areas with the City of Nottingham and north-west Nottingham and beyond
  • Provide a safe and attractive cycle lane along the length of the new road which will offer a route for cyclists wishing to travel to and from central Nottingham from the Gedling area.
What Next

All views and comments received in light of the consultation event will be taken into consideration. Where possible, if positive changes can be made, we will do so.

Further documentation supporting the application is currently being prepared and will be submitted to Gedling Borough Council for approval.
Once in receipt of all supporting documentation and technical information the team will then begin to work on preparing the planning application for submission to Gedling Borough Council.

Application Submission

  • Planning application submission 01.08.14
  • Target planning approval date 31.10.14

Delivery Programme

Details of the delivery of the scheme are being worked upon in collaboration with Nottinghamshire County Council. At this stage, the anticipated delivery programme is as follows:

  • Construct roundabout from Arnold Lane spring 2015 (to serve first phase of housing development)
  • Public Inquiry into Gedling Access Road autumn 2016
  • Construction of Gedling Access Road commences spring 2017
  • Gedling Access Road fully open to traffic spring 2019.
  • Further detailed discussions will take place as part of the planning application.

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