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At Gedling, Development Management covers Development Control, Building Control and Land Charges. The Development Control team assess planning applications, applications for works to listed buildings and to trees subject to tree preservation orders. There is an Enforcement Officer who investigates planning breaches. The Building Control team provide a building regulation approval service that involves checking whether development complies with Building Regulations. Building Control also deals with dangerous structures, demolitions and street naming and numbering. Land Charges answers questions relating to local search enquiries that are submitted by solicitors when people are buying property.

Development Control

The Development Control team operates a Duty Planner service (subject to staffing levels) during these times:

Monday 9am- 1pm 
Tuesday 9am- 5pm 
Wednesday 9am- 1pm 
Thursday 9am- 5pm 
Friday not available


The Duty Planner will not be able to provide the following information:-

Advice on whether an extension to house or construction of an outbuilding/garage or other structure within the garden of a house requires planning permission


You will need to complete and return to us a questionnaire for domestic development form [247kb] if you wish to know whether planning permission is required for householder development. 

Alternatively you can use the interactive house on the planning portal to get a general idea of whether permission may be required. However, this is not a definitive guide as alterations may have been made to the permitted development rights available to particular properties. If in doubt you should fill in the Questionnaire Form and return it to us. ‌


Advice on whether other forms of development or changes of use require planning permission





You will need to send a letter to us as a minimum you need to provide us with an address of the site, a descriotion of the development you are proposing to carry out, sketches of the proposal with dimenisions and photogrpahs of the existing site. Once received we will book in as a pre-application enquiry. You will be given a Case Officer who you can contact to discuss progress of your enquiry.



Advice on the current use of a premises


We are unable to provide advice on the current uses of premises , if you wish to find out the current use of a premises the best way to do this is to submit an application for a Certificate of Lawful Development

Whether an application is likely to be valid  

We are unable to check the validilty of an application at Reception. Once an application is submitted to us we will check whether it is valid, and advise you or your agent in writing if there are issues with the documentation that has been submitted.

The technical merits of a current planning application, recently refused applications or appeals  

The Case Officer of the application or who is dealing with the appeal will be able to provide general advice in relation to the application. A copy of the case officer report, once a decision has been made will be available for viewing through public access. Public access can be found using this link you will need to enter the planning applicatin reference number into the simple search box. You will then need to click on documents, which will link you to the documents available to view.


Take verbal comments on a current application  

We can only accept comments made in writing, a copy of our how to track and comment on a planning application is aviable using this link How to comment and track a planning application [33kb]

Decide minor amendments to planning applications  

You will need to make a non material amendment application to us, the forms for doing this can be found using the following link, there are fees associated with this type of application which can be found on our fee page. Application form non-material amendment [254kb]

Advice on who owns a parcel of land or who is responsible for a particular boundary, or become involved in neighbour disputes over boundaries  

The Council does not hold records of who owns parcels of land, you will need to contact the Land Registry for this information. The Planning Department is unable to provide advice on Right to Light or in relation to access rights, as these matters fall outside of the planning system and are private legal matters.


Advice on the Party Wall Act  

The Party Wall Act is seperate legislation to planning permission and covers works which take place to a party wall. The Government has produced a leaflet setting out the requirements which can be found at this link


Advice on whether planning conditions have been discharged or confirmation that such conditions have been discharged  

You should be able to find details of whether conditions relating to an application determined after 2010 have been discharged by using public access and entering the site address 

If the application is prior to 2010 then you will need to make a confirmation of Compliance with Planning Conditions application to us, there are charges for this type of application Confirmation of Compliance with Planning Conditions [390kb]

Further Development Control Information

More advice on whether planning permission is required for development can be found on our Do I need Planning Permission page (a link can be found on the left hand side) or on the Planning Portal (a link to an interactive house can be found at the top of this page on the right hand side).

We also have a page relating to making comments on a planning application, or you can read our leaflet How to comment and track a planning application [33kb]


If you wish to report a potential breach of planning controls, then you should use our on-line form

We will log the complaint and then we will update you of progress if you provide us with your contact details. We will not pass on details of who complaints have been made by, but please be aware that in some instances only a few people will be able to know if work has been carried out a property.

We do have seperate enforcement pages that provide additional information, links to this can be found on the left hand side of this page.

Building Control

Advice on Building Control matters can be found on our Building Control Pages, a link to these can be found on the left hand side of this page.

If you want general Building Control advice you can contact the building control team on 0115 901 3740, Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm. Please note that the Building Control Officers are only in the office after 4pm, so your query may be answered after 4pm or during the following morning.

If you want to book an inspection you can also contact us on 0115 901 3740, if you ring before 10am you may be able to book an inspection for that day.

Land Charges

Advice on Land Charge matters can be found on our Land Charges page, a link to these can be found on the left hand side of this page.

If you want to contact Land Charges please ring 0115 901 3849 (Monday to Friday am only), or you can e-mail

Changes to Pre-Application Requests

With effect from 29th January 2016 the Borough Council is adopting a Pre Application Charging Schedule which covers aspects of advice received from Planning Officers.

Pre-application discussions are specifically encouraged in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The Council also has powers under the Local Government Acts 1972, 2000, 2003 to charge for discretionary services such as pre-application advice.

We intend to offer an efficient, friendly and professional service when planning permission is necessary, which can be tailored to your needs. We can offer advice on matters such as planning policy, design, environmental health and transport.

Firstly, Pre-application discussions providing advice on whether planning permission is likely to be granted will help assist in the preparation of proposals and should help the process to run more smoothly reducing the potential for refusal or delay when submitting planning applications.

Secondly, the Charging Schedule will also incorporate a charge for the Planning and Building Regulations Questionnaire which ascertains whether Planning Permission or Building Regulations are required.

Fees will be charged for all pre-application requests received on or after 29th January 2016. The charges are proportionate to the scale of the development and are intended to cover the cost of providing the service.

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