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Replacement Local Plan (2005) (Saved Policies)

The Council adopted the Gedling Borough Replacement Local Plan on 12 July 2005. The Replacement Local Plan:

  • identifies particular areas as suitable for housing, industry, retail and other uses;
  • includes specific policies to control the location and design of development within the Borough and to protect its heritage and local character.

The Replacement Local Plan was reviewed in 2008 and policies were either 'saved' or deleted. Other Policies in the Replacement Local Plan were superseded by the adoption of the Aligned Core Strategy (2014) and as such were deleted. The online version of the Replacement Local Plan identifies which policies have been deleted and no longer apply.

The Replacement Local Plan (2005) (Saved Policies) can be viewed here. 

The Replacement Local Plan (2005) (Saved Policies) is currently used to determine planning applications in conjunction with the Aligned Core Strategy. Following the adoption of the Local Planning Document, the Replacement Local Plan will be superseded and will cease to be used to determine planning applications.