Papplewick Neighbourhood Plan

Independent examination of the Papplewick Neighbourhood Development Plan

The comments received through the consultation along with the Submission Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents will be passed to an independent Examiner, Christopher Collison BA (Hons) MBA MRTPI MIED MCMI IHBC. The Examiner will consider the representations, whether the plan meets the basic conditions and other relevant legal requirements, and will determine if the plan should be put to a community referendum. The Examiner may request further information to help in his consideration and may conduct the examination through written representations only, or he may call a public hearing to examine a particular issue in more depth.

The Examiner has to decide whether or not the plan meets the "basic conditions" and make a report that either:

  • the plan is submitted to referendum,
  • modifications specified in the report are made and the plan as modified is submitted to referendum, or
  • the plan is rejected

The Examiner has issued his initial statement, which can be viewed here.

Consultation on Submission Plan (Regulation 16 Stage)

Papplewick Parish Council submitted the Papplewick Neighbourhood Plan proposal to Gedling Borough Council on 18 January 2018. Gedling Borough Council is required to consult on the Submission Plan for a six week period after which comments received will be forwarded to an independent Examiner for their consideration. The Submission Plan (and supporting documents), more information on the consultation and how to make comments is available here.

The formal consultation notice (Regulation 16 Notification) can be viewed here.

Consultation on Draft Plan (Regulation 14 Stage)

Papplewick Parish Council held a consultation on the Pre-Submission Draft Papplewick Neighbourhood Plan between 2 October 2017 and 13 November 2017. Comments received have been considered by the Parish Council and the Plan has been amended accordingly.

Application to designate a neighbourhood area

Gedling Borough Council designated the Parish of Papplewick as a neighbourhood area on 11 August 2016. As part of their original proposal, the Parish Council proposed to include an unparished area within Ashfield District, but there was no legal mechanism to designate this area.  The designated Papplewick Neighbourhood Plan area can be viewed here.











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