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If you are a new garden waste customer and have been waiting for your new bin longer than expected, we do apologise.  We'll get your new bin to you as soon as possible, in the meantime please leave untied bags out on your collection day or next to your bin on the first collection when you receive it. 

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Brown bin photoOur brown/brown lidded bin scheme makes it easier for you to reduce what is sent to landfill and turn your garden waste into compost.

Cost of bins

For one brown/brown lidded bin and garden waste collections it costs:

Please note collections run approximately fortnightly until December then restart again in March.  A calendar will be sent out when payment is received.

Please note the Garden Waste scheme follows the financial year and runs from 1 April until 31 March the following year, at which point you will be required to renew your membership.

Although collections will no longer take place in January and February, additional bags can be taken at your next scheduled collection date for a charge of 50p per bag.  If you want extra waste taken, please contact Customer Services on 0115 901 3621 at least a week prior to this.

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Hedge trimmings Food waste (raw/cooked)
Leaves Large branches (more than 10cm diameter)
Grass cuttings Garden furniture
Small branches and twigs Treated wood
Plants and weeds Soil/rubble
Prunings General household waste
  Animal Bedding

How To Join

You can join the Garden Waste Collection Scheme by completing the online application form. Here are our Garden Waste Terms & Conditions 2017/18 [15kb].

If you do have any questions please feel free to contact us using our online general waste enquiry form.

When is my garden waste collection?

Online calendar

Search online to find out your brown bin collection days

Printed calendar

We distribute a printed calendar to every household who has joined the scheme, this will be sent out in March to existing members who have paid and new members as they join.

Please note the Garden Waste scheme follows the financial year and runs from 1 April until 31 March the following year, at which point you will be required to renew your membership.  Collections are fortnightly from April to Christmas and during March, with no collections in January and February.

What happens to the Garden Waste?

Garden Waste - newly dropped loadThe garden waste lorry tips its contents at a farm near Oxton on the A6097. The photo shows a freshly dropped bin load.

The garden waste is piled up into long rows, called ‘windrows’. When a windrow is big enough, it is shredded and quickly turns from green to brown. The garden waste is then turned three times because the composting process is speeded up when air is introduced.

The temperature of the windrows is monitored – it can reach up to 70°C. The compost can be ready six weeks after shredding. It is then spread on the farm’s fields to improve fertility.

Water butts

Water butt A water butt collects rainwater from your shed or garage so you don't need to use mains tap water.

You can order reduced priced water butts online by visiting the Get Composting website.


When Is My Bin Collection?

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