Getting rid of large items of waste

Disposing of waste yourself

Household waste that is too large for your bin can be taken to a household waste and recycling centre (tip). The nearest one is Calverton Recycling Centre and accepts a wide range of waste.

You have a legal responsibility to transfer your waste to a licensed waste carrier. Vans that drive around looking for scrap to take are often unlicensed. They may dump your waste illegally after removing valuable scrap metal. If this happens with your waste you will be held responsible and liable to a £5,000 fine or could even face prosecution.

You can check if a scrap metal merchant is licensed on the Environment Agency website or call 08708 506 506. 

Bulky waste collections

You can now book a bulky waste collection here

We can collect large household items from your home.  These are normally items you would take with you when you move.

There are two different waste types that we collect:

How much does it cost?

We charge for the number of items to be collected from each type of waste.

For the first item of both type 1 and type 2 we charge £14 and for every additional item after that we charge £5.

Example collection charges

We will always confirm the total charge before agreeing to the collection.

Booking your collection

To book and pay for your collection telephone Customer Services on 0115 901 3621.

If you need to cancel or change a collection contact us beforehand.

Collection information

Collection times

Items must be ready for collection from 7am on the collection date.

Type 1 and Type 2 goods are collected separately so different teams may collect your items at different times.

Size of items

Your items must be small enough for two people to carry together and no more than six feet in length.


Items must be left outside and be easily accessible by our crews. Collection crews are not permitted to enter any property unless arrangements are made at the time of booking.

We can collect from either a front or back garden or yard but it should be from the nearest point to the road so normally where we collect your bins from and easily accessible by our vehicles. You must let us know where the items are when you book. Gates must be left unlocked.

If you do not have a garden/yard you can only leave a small quantity of items on the pavement. Make sure they do not obstruct the pavement and do not put them out before 7pm on the night before your collection.

If you are unable to remove the items from inside your property please contact us beforehand.

Preparing for collection

Useful Gedling Pages

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