Uncollected Bins

Garden Waste Collection

We have a very good record at collecting all bins and boxes within the borough. If you think we have missed your bin or glass box and you were expecting a collection, please contact us and we can re-arrange.

Please do not leave bags or waste next to your black or brown bin as it will not be collected. We will only empty bins that have a closed lid.

If you have extra recycling, please leave it in a bag or box next to your green bin or glass box. If there is a large quantity of extra recycling, for example if you have had a flat-packed kitchen delivered, please contact us so that the bin crew will be expecting it when they reach your property. 

Reasons for Non-Collection

There is sometimes a reason why a bin has not been collected. These can include:

Report Uncollected Bin

You can report an uncollected bin online by visiting Report Uncollected Bin.

When Is My Bin Collection?

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