Food shopping and deliveries

Food shopping and deliveries

We have brought together some useful links and information to help with shopping for food or arranging food deliveries, during the current restrictions relating to coronavirus.

Major supermarkets currently have different opening times to usual and have time slots where the shops are open specifically for vulnerable people and NHS staff.

Guidance on shopping safely

Priority delivery slots for vulnerable people

Anyone identified as a shielded, extremely vulnerable person and registered at the website will be able to access priority delivery slots. Supermarkets have been advised who falls into this group and will recognise your details when you attempt to book a delivery slot if you are an existing customer. If you are not an existing customer, supermarkets are contacting people identified as shielding, to offer priority shopping slots.

Pre-selected food boxes

Some supermarkets have additional slots for pre-selected food boxes, access to these may be more easily available than for their usual delivery slots.

 Other local delivery services

Specialist food delivery companies which cater for specific dietary needs

 Guidance on payments