Code of conduct consultation

Code of conduct consultation

Review of the Members’ Code of Conduct

All local authorities in England are, by law, required to adopt a code of conduct for their members that outlines the behaviour required of Councillors.

The Independent Committee on Standards in Public Life advises the Prime Minister on arrangements for upholding ethical standards of conduct across public life in England. The Committee produced a report in 2019 which recommended that the Local Government Association (LGA) produces an updated model code of conduct for all tiers of local government.

Following a nationwide consultation exercise, a new model code was produced by the LGA. The Standards Committee here at Gedling formed a working group to consider the newly created model code alongside a review of the existing code of conduct for members of Gedling Borough Council.

The Working Group has met and felt that Gedling’s existing code remained fit for purpose and therefore proposed no changes were made to Gedling’s Code of Conduct for Elected Members. The Working Group did, however, recommend that a guidance document for members and the public in relation to the Code may be helpful.

The working Group reported back to Gedling’s Standards Committee in June on their findings, the Committee endorsed the working Group’s recommendations but now seeks the views of the public and stakeholders on the Gedling Borough Code of Conduct before making any final recommendations.

The Committee would be grateful if you would consider the Code of Conduct and provide your comments and take part in the consultation using the link below. 

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