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Welcome to our #Rediscover Campaign, which has kindly been funded by the government’s Welcome Back Fund, created to promote local businesses and encourage residents to shop locally this Christmas.

As part of our campaign, we are building an A-Z database of businesses in the Borough and we invite you to get involved by providing information about your business that will be promoted through this website and our digital platforms, all you need to do is fill out the survey below!

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cloths on a rail in a clothing shop
a sign illuminated in front of a tree with blossom
a shop full of colourful wool and yarn
the inside of a beauty salon with chairs and hairdryers
two cups of coffee on a dark wood table
rows of colourful acrylic paints on display in a shop
the inside of a coffee shop with two dark green chairs and coffee bags behind them on shelves
a toasted cheese sandwich with a small portion of cherry tomatoes next to it