Garden Waste Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to pay for the service you will be accepting the

terms and conditions below.


1. You have agreed to pay to have your garden waste collected.

The period of collection runs each year from 1 April to 31 March.

2. If you move out of the Gedling Borough Council collection area or stop

using the service for any reason, we will not give a refund. To notify us

that you no longer need your garden waste bin(s) call us on 0115 901

3621 or email

3. If we miss your bin(s), we will do our best to collect it as soon as

possible. We will not give a refund for missing a bin(s) or being unable

to collect a bin(s) due to any other factors (such as very bad weather)

4. Your garden waste bin(s) must only be used for compostable green

garden waste from your property.

5. If you move to another address in the Gedling Borough Council

collection area and you still want your garden waste collected please

contact us to transfer the service to your new address and then take

your bin(s) with you. We will issue you a new sticker.

6. We will provide you with a paid sticker(s) which you should attach to

the back of your bin(s). Collection crews will not empty any bin(s) that

do not display a current sticker. If your sticker becomes detached or

lost contact us on 0115 901 3621 or email

7. All bin(s) remain the property of Gedling Borough Council at all times.

8. If your bin becomes damaged Gedling Borough Council will repair or

replace it, free of charge, as soon as possible. If your bin is damaged,

contact us on 0115 901 3621 or email

9. Payment is required every year in advance. You will be notified of the

charge and payment date.