Advantages of Apprenticeships

Taking on an apprentice can help and support your business to develop. It is an opportunity to plan and advance your future workforce. It can increase productivity, improve your business performance and ensure a committed and competent workforce. As you are training your own workforce it allows you to fill any skills gaps there maybe.

It also increases your employee retention rate as employees feel valued as you have taken time to train them and support them in their career development. It offers the opportunity to get to know your employees and identify any that may have the skills to become part of the management structure in the future.

Explanation of an Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship combines working and training. With contracts of a minimum of 30 hours a week the apprentice works almost full time whilst studying for their qualifications. The idea being that the apprentice is learning on the job with the support of one or more existing employees.

There are a number of different sectors that use apprenticeships to train their workforce, for more information and support regarding taking on an apprentice please fill in the online form below and one of our Business Support team will be in touch. 

Explanation of Project

We want to help increase the number of small and medium sized businesses that take on an apprentice locally, this project has put everything you need to know about taking on an apprentice and management during apprenticeship in one place. With a support service that offers help with identifying the right framework to support with contracting and how to successfully mentor an apprentice, the idea being to support job creation for local residents.

Research was undertaken to understand the business base and labour market within the Borough. It was found that a large number of businesses are small or medium sized 1 to 250 employees. It was also found that a considerable number of the workforce moved out of the borough to go to work. Coupled with the government aim to increase the number of apprenticeships by 2020, the Erasmus+ project was born. 

To register for ongoing support to recruit an apprentice and during the duration of the apprenticeship, please complete the online form below and a member of our business support team will be in contact with you. 

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