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Listed and locally important heritage assets

Listed buildings and monuments

The borough is home to almost 200 listed buildings. These building are protected because of their special architectural or historical importance.

You can search the Historic England's National Heritage List (NHLE) for an official and up-to-date register of protected historic buildings and sites in England included listed buildings.

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Locally important heritage assets

Although some buildings are of architectural or historic importance, not all meet the criteria to become ‘listed’ buildings. The 2005 Replacement Local Plan (now superceded) identified a list of ‘local interest buildings’. Local Planning Document policy LPD 31 states that this list will be used as the starting point for the identification of ‘locally important heritage assets’ which will be undertaken in due course.

Gedling heritage strategy

The Gedling Heritage Strategy sets out the Council’s approach to heritage and identifies a number of high level actions.  More information on the Gedling Heritage Strategy can be found here.