Help with paying housing costs

How we can help

If you are suffering financial hardship we offer a number of different types of extra help with rent, rent deposits and council tax. You must already be in receipt of housing benefit, the rent element of Universal Credit or council tax reduction to apply for extra help.

You will need to make an application to the council using one of the forms below and, based on your circumstance and the council’s discretion, you may be entitled to extra help. Here are the options:

Extra help with your rent

If you are already receiving some housing benefits but you still need extra help with the rent you can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP). If there’s a shortfall in what you are receiving, this ‘top up’ payment can be considered on an individual basis based on your current circumstances. If you also need help with your council tax, you can apply for this help using the same form.

Apply for extra help with your rent (DHP)

Extra help with your council tax

You can also apply for extra help with your council tax. Again, you must already be receiving Council Tax reduction help and still have a shortfall to pay. You can apply for extra help based on your current financial circumstances and at the council’s discretion.

Apply for extra help with your council tax

Help with a deposit or rent advance

If you need to put down a rent deposit or the landlord requires and advance rent payment, you can apply for help. Simply fill out the form below and provide information on your circumstances.

Apply for a rent deposit or advance rent payment

Extra help with rent if you are receiving Universal Credit

If you are already receiving Universal Credit and you want to apply for extra help with your rent please fill out the application for below. If you would also like to claim help towards your Council Tax you will need to make a separate application as detailed below.

Apply for help with rent if on Universal Credit