Rediscover your borough this Christmas

Calendar issues

Calendars and stickers issue

We’re aware of some issues with calendars and stickers not arriving on time this year, unfortunately this was due to an error with one of our suppliers who are rectifying the problem and have assured us that all households will receive the correct stickers and calendars shortly and will be covering any costs incurred. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Have we missed your bin? 

If due to the confusion with the calendars we have missed your bin, we will be collecting additional garden waste on your next collection. Please leave up to 3 refuse bags of additional garden waste next to your bin and our crews will collect this along side your scheduled collection. 

Report a missed bin

Never miss out

You can find out what day your bin will be collected on our website and there you can also sign up to receive email alerts to tell you when to put your garden waste bin out.