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Resident Testimonial

Warm Homes on Prescription is a grant-based scheme aimed at low income residents with cold-sensitive long-term health conditions.  The scheme set up in 2017 has helped over 30 homes within the Gedling area investing in home energy improvements ranging from energy efficient gas boilers to loft insulation.  

Mr Williamson found out about the scheme from a friend who encouraged him to apply.  Previously his house had been fitted with a back boiler which was inefficient and expensive to run. Mr Williamson stated “I had to put the heating on to generate hot water.  Living on your own it just wasn’t viable, so I’d put the kettle on to wash the pots.  I contacted Gedling Borough Council for help as I’m on a low income and suffer from Diabetes. I’ve now got a new A-Rated boiler, I’m really pleased with the results!”

Mr Williamson stated that his home heats up a lot quicker now he’s no longer reliant on his old back boiler and it’s a lot warmer too.

The Council is now looking into how it can access funding through the Government’s ECO flexible eligibility scheme. This will allow more people like Mr Williamson and those living fuel poverty to access help to make their property more energy efficient.

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