Neighbourhood Funding - Non Parish

Where no parish or town council exists the charging authority may use the Neighbourhood Portion of CIL to support the development of the relevant area by funding:-

  • The provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure; or
  • Anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on area.

A guidance note has been prepared detailing how the Borough Council will:

  1. Consult with the local community how the neighbourhood portion of CIL receipts will be spent in non-parish areas.
  2. Decide which infrastructure projects will benefit from funding from the neighbourhood portion of CIL receipts in non-parish area.

The Guidance Note creates a process that invites the local community, groups and organisations to identify and have their say on appropriate projects for expenditure of the neighbourhood portion of CIL receipts.  Groups, organisations and individuals can nominate potential infrastructure projects throughout the year using our online form; the nomination process is now open. 

 Nominate an infrastructure project

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Upcoming Consultations

A 4 week consultation will be held annually (January) where views will be sought on the shortlist of projects eligible for the funding from the neighbourhood portion of CIL receipts.

If you wish to be kept informed and consulted annually please send an e-mail to the CIL Officer at with your name, address and e-mail.