Supplementary Planning Documents

Including: development briefs, topic based guidance, ‘old style’ Supplementary Planning Guidance, Draft Supplementary Planning Documents

These documents all provide more detail on our formal planning policies, as set out in the Adopted 2005 Local Plan or the Aligned Core Strategy.

Adopted Supplementary Planning Documents

Our adopted Supplementary Planning Documents form part of the planning framework for the Borough and are a material consideration in determining planning applications.  We currently have two types of Supplementary Planning Documents – development briefs and topic based.  

For details of those Supplementary Planning Documents we are planning to prepare in the future please view our Local Development Scheme on the Emerging Local Plan page.

Development Briefs

The purpose of Development Briefs is to establish development aims and principles for a specific development site and to clarify the planning requirements relating to the site. Through their preparation, the local community and other stakeholders have an opportunity to influence the future development of the site.

Dark Lane Development Brief July 2008

Gedling Colliery/Chase Farm Development Brief June 2008

Top Wighay Farm Development Brief February 2017

‌The Top Wighay Farm development brief was adopted on 2 February 2017. The development brief has been prepared to provide guidance on the development of the Top Wighay Farm site which was allocated in the Aligned Core Strategy.

The Top Wighay Farm development brief and related documents can be downloaded here:

Topic Based

Guidance on Air Quality and Emissions Mitigation – informal guidance (August 2015)

Informal guidance on Air Quality has been prepared to set out the measures which will be taken to help reduce vehicle emissions which occur as a result of development proposals.  The guidance will apply across the whole Borough in order to improve air quality and avoid other areas having to be designated as Air Quality Management Areas. The guidance carries some weight as a material consideration in determining planning applications and we will seek agreement with developers to include many of the mitigation measures on a voluntary basis.

In the longer term, it is proposed to incorporate the guidance into the Local Planning Document.  This will bring the requirements of the guidance into the statutory development plan giving it more weight.  There will need to be further consultation on the Local Planning Document and a need to assess the requirements of the guidance in terms of its implications for financial viability. 

Parking Provision for Residential Developments - Supplementary Planning Document 2012

This Supplementary Planning Document addresses the issue of parking provision in the Borough. It provides clear, detailed advice on the  Council’s requirement for parking provision to serve new housing developments within the Borough. 

The key purpose of the Supplementary Planning Document is to ensure that new development is supported by the appropriate level of parking provision to accommodate demand, without exceeding demand which would lead to poorly designed developments that are dominated by the car, and without resulting in a shortfall which could lead to potential problems for highway safety.  In achieving an appropriate level of parking provision, the design, location and layout of spaces will be important as well as the number of spaces provided.


'We are aware that paragraph 6.2 of the Parking Supplementary Planning Document, which relates to parking standards for non-residential uses, is now out of date as the document referred to has been superseded.  Please refer instead to Nottinghamshire County Council's website page Parking policy.  The standards for non-residential uses are set out at part DG14 of that document and should be applied as maximum standards'.


Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document 2009

This Supplementary Planning Document addresses the issue of affordable housing provision in the Borough. It will help us secure affordable housing through the planning system by providing land owners, developers and Registered Providers of Affordable Housing with clear and detailed advice on our criteria for the provision of affordable housing.

The document offers a revised framework that can be used in negotiations with developers as part of the pre-application discussions and at the planning application stage.

'old style' Supplementary Planning Documents

Despite being prepared under the old planning system, the following documents have been retained as they continue to shape planning decisions in the Borough. Some will be replaced by future Supplementary Planning Documents.