Local Planning Document progress

The Local Planning Document (Part 2 Local Plan) has been prepared to include:

  • Detailed policies to help deliver specific allocations and help in the day-to-day assessment of planning applications; and
  • Site specific policies, allocations of non-strategic sites and designations for new housing, employment, retail, community facilities, recreation and open space, nature conservation and other land uses.

The Local Planning Document works with the  Aligned Core Strategy (Part 1 Local Plan) (adopted September 2014) to shape future development in Gedling Borough by planning for new homes jobs and infrastructure. These documents will be used to help decide planning applications and guide the location and design of development in Gedling Borough.

Issues and Options Stage

The 'Issues and Options' document was consulted on between 21 October and 16 December 2013 and sought views on the most appropriate sites and policies to address Gedling Borough's development needs up to 2028. This consultation stage asked a series of questions regarding key issues, helped to narrow down the alternative options and defined the content of the Local Planning Document.

You can view the 'Issues and Options' document, the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report and details of the consultation comments below:-

Workshops Stage

Between 2013 and 2015, the Borough Council held a series of workshops in order to understand the views of local residents in relation to potential development sites in Bestwood Village, Calverton, Ravenshead, Burton Joyce, Lambley and Woodborough. A series of workshops were also held in 2015 on a range of issues including design, climate change, transport and retail and employment, in order to inform the preparation of the Local Planning Document.

You can view the resulting masterplanning reports for Bestwood Village, Calverton and Ravenshead, and a summary of the feedback from each of the community workshops in Burton Joyce, Lambley and Woodborough and details of the discussion at the topic workshops below:-

Publication Draft Stage

The 'Publication Draft' version of the Local Planning Document was consulted on between 23 May and 4 July 2016 and sought views on the version of the plan that the Borough Council considered sound. This consultation stage gave interested parties the opportunity to make formal representations on the Local Planning Document to be considered by the Independent Inspector. All information about this consultation can be viewed here.

Submission Stage

The responses to the consultation on the 'Publication Draft' were considered by the Borough Council and, where necessary, changes were made to the Local Planning Document. The Local Planning Document was submitted to the Secretary of State for examination on 17 October 2016. Karen Baker DipTA MA DipMP MRTPI was appointed by the Secretary of State to undertake the independent examination into the Local Planning Document. The submission documents can be viewed on the Local Planning Document examination library (pre-August 2017) page.

Examination Stage (including Additional Housing Allocations)

The Inspector conducted a series of public hearing sessions as part of the examination process in February, March and May 2017. In June 2017, the Inspector suspended the hearings and invited the Council to propose additional housing allocations and for them to be consulted upon. The additional housing allocations consultation took place between 18 September and 30 October 2017 and information about this consultation can be viewed here. A further round of hearing sessions took place between 28 November 2017 and 5 December 2017. Information and agendas are available on the Examination Information page. The hearing sessions have now closed. 

The consultation strategy for the Local Planning Document has recently been updated for the purpose of the September 2017 consultation on additional housing allocations. The updated Consultation Strategy can be viewed here.

Main Modifications stage

Consultation on modifications to the Local Planning Document took place between 12 February and 26 March 2018. Information about this consultation can be viewed here. The consultation is now closed and all comments have been passed to the Inspector for consideration.

Inspector's Report

The Inspector's Report was published on 26 June 2018 and can be viewed here. The report concludes that the Local Planning Document provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the area over the next 10 years and is 'sound'. During the examination process the Council proposed and consulted on a number of modifications to the Local Planning Document. These changes responded to concerns raised by local residents and other interested parties and also included updates to reflect the latest position. The Inspector has recommended that all of these modifications are made and has added two further modifications (which relate to detailed policy wording only).


The final version of the Local Planning Document was considered at Council on 18th July 2018 and members agreed to adopt the document as part of the statutory development plan for Gedling.  

Local Planning Document

Policies Map North East

Policies Map North West

Policies Map South East

Policies Map South West

Adoption Statement

Progress and Timetable:

The most recent Local Development Scheme (September 2016) provided an updated timetable for adopting the Local Planning Document at the time of submission, and can be viewed here. The table below provides an informal update of this timetable.



Consultation on 'Publication Draft' version of the Local Planning Document

May to July 2016

Submission to the Secretary of State

October 2016     

Independent Examination

February - December 2017


July 2018