Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is an annual review of potential housing sites.  Its purpose is to help us understand where and when housing could be built in the future. 

Sites are assessed against a range of criteria to establish their suitability, availability and achievability for development.  The results of the assessment feed into other work that we do. 

You can also download A guide to SHLAA

The assessment includes land that has come forward from a range of sources, including sites that have already been granted planning permission and sites that have been put forward by landowners and developers.

It is important to note that inclusion in the SHLAA process does not in itself allow for development to occur on site and that planning permission must still be granted. Some of the sites in the assessment can only come forward if planning policy is changed.  Decisions to change planning policy are taken through the Emerging Local Plan process and will be subject to widespread public consultation.

SHLAA 2017 Assessment

The SHLAA 2017 database is available to view using the interactive map and PDF reports for each area.


Urban area and around Hucknall

Key settlements

Other villages


Call for Sites (2018) 

If you wish to put forward a site for consideration for the SHLAA 2018 update, please complete the SHLAA site submission form and return it to us along with a map of the site by 31 March 2018. 

We welcome any new sites that are:-

  • In or adjoining the existing main built up area of Arnold and Carlton;
  • In or adjoining the key settlements of Bestwood Village, Calverton and Ravenshead; and
  • In or adjoining the other villages (depending on location).

If you wish to return a site submission form or have any questions about the SHLAA please contact us on 0115 901 3733 or email 

Brownfield Register

In order to increase the number of houses built the Government requires local authorities to prepare and maintain a register of brownfield land that is suitable for residential development.  Gedling Borough Council has been working with other Greater Nottingham authorities as part of a pilot scheme for the Brownfield Register to test the preparation of the Register.

To be included in the Brownfield Register sites must be:

  • Available - this means that the site is either: 
    - Deliverable:- suitable and with a realistic prospect that housing will be delivered within the next five years
    - Developable:- suitable and with a realistic prospect that housing will be delivered between six to ten years
  • Capable of supporting five or more dwellings or more than 0.25ha in size
  • Capable of development:- sites should be free from constraints that cannot be mitigated

The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment was used to identify potential sites.  Sites were excluded where they:

  • have no element of brownfield land;
  • were assessed as non-deliverable;
  • were assessed as Suitable if Policy Changes, as these are not considered free from constraint at the present time;
  • were assessed as developable beyond 15 years as these are not considered free from constraint at the present time; or
  • are both smaller than 0.25ha and could accommodate fewer than 5 homes

The draft Brownfield Register 2015 is available below.

In future the sites included on the Register can be granted 'Permission in Principle' which means a traditional planning application is not required.  However this is a draft version of the Register prepared for the pilot.  The sites included are not granted Permission in Principle.

Brownfield Register (CSV file)

Brownfield Register (PDF file) 

Brownfield Register map