Conservation areas

If you’re thinking of carrying out building works in a conservation area you should seek advice from our Development Control Team.

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Conservation areas in the borough

Areas of special architectural or historic interest are designated as Conservation Areas to help preserve and enhance them for future generations.

There are six designated Conservation Areas in the Borough. You can click on the name below to view the Conservation Area Appraisal.

Each of these areas are reviewed through a programme of appraisals, which are intended to highlight qualities of the area that we see as worthy of protection and enhancement. Once completed, these appraisals will be subject to ongoing monitoring and review.

These appraisals also provide a framework for future development and decision-making by:

  • Considering how social and economic change is reflected in the current layout of streets, buildings and open spaces
  • Describing the origins and development of areas
  • Identifying prominent historic buildings, as well as local building materials and styles

The appraisals are aimed at anyone with an interest in the area, whether they are a local resident, planner or developer.

Useful information

A Guide to Repointing Stone and Brickwork - Nottinghamshire County Council

Repointing Brick and Stone Walls - Guidelines for Best Practice - Historic England