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Procurement and tendering process

Contracts with us

Source Nottinghamshire is a website to make searching for council contract opportunities easier.  All local authorities will be listed on this website including all contacts for Gedling Borough Council.

Selling To The Council

We will seek best value in the awarding of contracts and also to work in partnership with suppliers and other organisations to achieve this.  You can view our procurement strategy for more information.

We will identify best value over the life of any goods or services.

Contracting Opportunities

We will advertise invitations to tender in an appropriate place; this may be a relevant newspaper or journal, Source Nottinghamshire (web portal) or the official Journal of the European Union if it is likely to exceed the European Procurement thresholds.

For purchases less than £10,000 we may seek quotes but where this is deemed impractical one quote will be requested.

For contracts of between £10,000 and £50,000 we will, where possible, seek 3 written quotes.

For contracts in excess of £50,000 we will normally seek tenders using a sealed bid process which may include compliance with European Procurement legislation, should the estimated value of the tender be in excess of the European threshold.


Tendering Process

When suppliers are invited to submit a tender this should be delivered by the specified time and date.  It should be in a in a plain, sealed envelope addressed to the Head of Democratic and Community Services, clearly marked ‘Tender’ and have the title of the tender on the front.  No other markings should be shown on the tender envelope.  If there are any other markings on the envelope this could disqualify the tender.

Tenders received after the time and date specified will not normally be accepted unless there is evidence that it was despatched by first class post, or an equivalent method, on the previous day.

All tenders are opened by a minimum of 2 staff, one of whom will work in Democratic and Community Services.

Tender Acceptance

Tenders will be evaluated based on the criteria stipulated in the Invitation to Tender document.

If there are errors or queries the tenderer will be allowed to confirm or withdraw the tender.

All tenderers will normally be informed in writing of the outcome of the tender.

For European tenderers a 10-day standstill period will be used.

Awarding and Monitoring Contracts

All contracts over £10,000 will be in writing.  Contracts in excess of £100,000 may require a performance bond; this will be agreed as part of the tender process.

Contracts will be monitored during their execution and any variations or extras not covered in the contract must be authorised in writing by the responsible Council Officer in advance of any extra work being carried out.


Gifts & Hospitality

We have a policy on accepting any gifts and hospitality offered by suppliers or potential suppliers. In addition elected members adhere to a Code of Conduct that covers their duties in respect of making decisions including those relating to procurement.