Photographic and filming

Photographic and Filming Policy

This Policy and Guidance explains what steps need to be taken when the Council obtains images for its own use and when films or photographs are taken on council premises by others.

For the avoidance of doubt, this Policy and Guidance applies to cameras, mobile phones, videos and any other equipment capable of recording images. Any reference to photographs and photography should be interpreted as including filming.

The Council recognises that taking photographs and using video recording equipment is part of daily life. It does not wish to prevent individuals from taking photographs of their friends and families for personal use. However, the Council also appreciates that individuals using council facilities do not expect to be photographed or filmed by others, particularly when their image could be published on the internet or used for commercial or publicity purposes.

The Council is particularly mindful of its child protection obligations and this Policy and Guidance seeks to explain what steps the Council can take to protect everyone and in particular children and vulnerable adults from unwanted photography or filming on council premises.

The Council regularly uses photographs for publicity purposes. The Data Protection Act will apply where the photographs are taken for official use and stored with personal details such as names and addresses. This Policy and Guidance advises what steps are needed to take to ensure compliance with the Act.

Photographic and Filming Policy