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Gedling plan

Gedling Plan

It gives us great pleasure to introduce the refreshed Gedling Plan for 2023-2027. The plan sets out Gedling Borough Council’s vision for the future, our priorities and actions over the next three years which all support our ethos - serving people, improving lives.

The plan sets out an ambitious programme of activities to improve the quality of life for all our residents. It also reflects the challenges facing the council with reducing Government funding and an increasing demand for services.

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Gedling plan structure and golden thread

We've created a one page document that explains the Gedling Plan priorities, objectives and how we will deliver them. 

Gedling Plan Golden Thread

Annual Report

We have created an annual report that highlights the key achievements within the year set against the council's Gedling Plan. This summary document includes key achievements and performance measure. 

The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of what was achieved and how we performed against the Gedling Plan. It shows our key achievements and performance measures for the year for each of our five corporate priorities and how we have delivered services and outcomes which support our ethos of ‘Serving People, Improving Lives’. It also shows the huge amount of work that has been undertaken over the past year in response to the Covid pandemic and how this has supported businesses and our most vulnerable residents across the whole of the borough.

Annual Report June 2021

Annual Report June 2022

Annual Report June 2023

SWOT analysis 2022