Annual Registration Canvass

The elections team is required to conduct an annual canvass of households in the Borough each year to ensure that the Register of Electors is kept up to date.

The way we deliver the canvass has changed to make it easier for you to respond:

  • we may use email or text messages to send you canvass communications, as an alternative to a paper form.
  • in some circumstances, you will not need to respond. You will still be sent information on who is registered to vote in your household and be allowed to update your records if necessary.

Email and text message communications

If you have previously given us your email address or a mobile phone number, we may use these to ask you to confirm or update your records through our household response service. You should follow the instructions in the email or message to avoid paper forms being sent to your household.

You can access the online Household Response Service and enter the security code provided in the email or message we sent you.

I have moved to a new house recently

If you have moved into a new address recently please check that you are responding for your current address.

If the household response service shows your previous address, please do not proceed and ignore the email.

We will send a paper form to your current address but you, and other members of your household, can ensure you are registered as soon as possible by visiting GOV.UK - Register to vote. By registering at your new address your details will be removed from your old household.

My information is correct and has not changed

You should still respond to the email/text to confirm that there are no changes to make to the electoral register. 

This will help prevent further emails, messages or letters being sent to you.

Why have you contacted me by email or text message?

We have contacted you by email or text message because you have previously provided us with your contact details on an electoral registration form.

If you no longer want to be contacted by email or text message you should contact us to unsubscribe by emailing or telephoning 0115 901 3917.

We will still need to contact you using other methods even if you unsubscribe from email or phone communication.

Canvass communications by post

If we send you a letter by post, you should read it carefully. The letter will tell you whether you need to respond or not.

If you do need to respond, the easiest way is to respond online, by visiting the Household Response Service and entering the security code printed on your letter.

If all of your information is correct on the letter you can either:

  • record a "no change" response using the automated phone line (0800 197 9871), or
  • you can use our text service (send text to 80212). Text NOCHANGE followed by your two-part security code.

Only return your canvass communication form by post if you are required to respond and are unable to use any of the online, phone or text options. 

Amended canvass forms can be sent to:

The Electoral Registration Officer
Gedling Borough Council
Civic Centre
Arnot Hill Park
Nottingham NG5 6LU

You do not need to return the paper form if you have already responded using the other options

Adding new residents

If you add any new people, they will also need to complete a registration application. They can do this at GOV.UK - Register to vote. We will send each person an Invitation to Register (ITR) form if they do not apply online.

Telling us about residents no longer at the address

If you remove somebody’s name we are often required to find a second source of information to confirm that the individual is not resident at your address. In some circumstances we are required to send a letter to a person you have told us is no longer living at your address, if we do please ignore this letter.

If someone has left the property and you know the forwarding address, please let us know by emailing This can help reduce the number of letters we send to your address.

How do I request or cancel an absent (postal or proxy) vote?

Let us know if somebody in your household would like to:

  • change their voting method to voting by post or proxy
  • cancel their existing postal or proxy voting arrangements.

You can do this on the Household Response Service or by emailing

You can download a postal vote application form online

Fully completed forms can be scanned and returned by email to or by post to

The Electoral Registration Officer
Gedling Borough Council
Civic Centre
Arnot Hill Park
Nottingham NG5 6LU

How can I or others change their ‘open register’ preference?

The open register is an extract of the electoral register but is not used for elections. It can be bought by any person, company or organisation. For example, it is used by businesses and charities to confirm name and address details.

People in the household aged 76 or over

If someone in your household is aged 76 or over but this is not indicated on the canvass communication or the online Household Response Service, please let us know. You can amend these details online or by contacting us.

The electoral register is used to select people for jury service, but if you are aged 76 or over you are not eligible to be a juror. We have to note this on the electoral register so that you are not selected for jury service.

What happens if I do not respond to a canvass communication?

If you receive a canvass communication by email or text message, please respond to avoid a form being sent to your address.

I have made a mistake when responding to a canvass communication

If you have responded to a canvass communication and realise that you made a mistake, please contact us by emailing or phoning 0115 901 3917 to advise which information was entered incorrectly and what the correct information should be.

Please do not attempt to submit another response via one of the automated channels or by post.

What is an Invitation to Register (ITR) form?

An Invitation To Register (ITR) form is sent out to anybody whose details have been added to the canvass communication but who hasn’t registered to vote online.

What if there is nobody in your house eligible to vote?

If nobody in your household is eligible to register to vote, you still need to notify us by responding to your canvass communication. You can do so online at the Household Response Service.

What if I'm a landlord of business premises or an empty property?

If you are the landlord of business premises or an empty property, it is your responsibility to respond to the canvass communication for that address. Please let us know by responding online.

What if I've received a canvass communication for my second home?

If you own a second home and no one else lives at your second address, you are responsible for responding to the canvass communication.

How does mental capacity affect the right to register to vote?

A lack of mental capacity is not a legal incapacity to vote. Persons who meet the other registration qualifications are eligible for registration regardless of their mental capacity.

What if I am at risk and I do not want to disclose my details?

If you are concerned about your name and address appearing on the electoral register because it could affect your safety, or the safety of someone living with you, you may be able to register anonymously.

Please request an anonymous application form by emailing or telephoning: 0115 901 3917.

Anonymous applications must be supported by either an eligible court document or an attestation from a qualifying officer.Eligible court documents you can use to support your application:

  • an injunction to restrain a person from pursuing any conduct which amounts to harassment granted in proceedings
  • an injunction granted under Protection from Harassment Act
  • a restraining order made under the Protection from Harassment Act
  • a restraining order on acquittal
  • a non-harassment order
  • a non-molestation order made the Family Law Act
  • a matrimonial interdict
  • a domestic interdict
  • a relevant interdict
  • an interdict that has been determined to be a domestic abuse interdict
  • any interdict with an attached power of arrest
  • a forced marriage protection order or interim forced marriage protection order
  • a domestic violence protection order
  • a female genital mutilation protection order

No other court documents are acceptable and the court document must be in force on the day of your application to register anonymously.

Only those listed below may attest an application. The attestation cannot be delegated to a more junior person within an organisation. A qualifying officer can be:

  • a police officer of or above the rank of inspector of any police force in England and Wales
  • a police officer of or above the rank of inspector of the Police Service of Scotland
  • a police officer of or above the rank of inspector of the Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • the Director General of the Security Service
  • the Director General of the National Crime Agency
  • any director of adult social services in England
  • any director of children’s services in England
  • any director of social services in Wales
  • any chief social work officer in Scotland
  • any director of social services of a Health and Social Services Board
  • any executive director of social work of a Health and Social Services Trust
  • any registered medical practitioner
  • any registered nurse or midwife
  • any person who manages a refuge. A “refuge” means accommodation with a planned programme of therapeutic and practical support for victims of, or those at risk of, domestic abuse or violence.

Read more about registering to vote anonymously.

What if I have no fixed address?

You will not receive a canvass communication if you do not have a fixed address, as these forms are sent to properties and not to individuals.