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Nature conservation and geological sites

Nature Conservation and Geological Sites

Sites can be designated for their biological and geological importance at an international, national or local level. Designated biological and geological sites in Gedling Borough are summarised below and are shown on the adopted Local Planning Document Interactive Policies Map.

International Sites

There is currently no designated site of international importance in Gedling Borough.

An area to the north of the Borough has been identified as the 'Sherwood prospective Special Protection Area (pSPA). This area has not been formally designated and is awaiting a decision by Government.

National Sites

There is one Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in Gedling Borough at Linby Quarries.

Local Sites

There are five Local Nature Reserves in Gedling Borough:-

  • Gedling Country Park;
  • Gedling House Wood;
  • Gedling House Meadow;
  • Netherfield Lagoons; and
  • The Hobbucks.

Local Wildlife Sites (LWS) and Local Geological Sites (LGS) are identified by the Nottinghamshire Biological and Geological Records Centre who review sites periodically to reflect updated evidence and can provide further information. 

Ancient Woodland

This is an area of woodland that has been wooded continuously since at least 1600AD. These natural assets are irreplaceable and provide vital habitats for notable species. The Forestry Commission provides a guide for assessing potential impacts on ancient woodland and veteran trees.

Protected and Priority Habitats and Species

The Nottinghamshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan identifies wildlife habitat and species which are of national and local importance for protection. The Council consults with Natural England and other appropriate wildlife organisations on any planning applications that may affect protected or notable habitats or species protected under relevant legislation or in the Nottinghamshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan.