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Selective Licensing phase 2

Following the successful implementation of selective licensing in Netherfield, we held a 12 week public consultation to extend the scheme to four focussed parts of the borough to make privately rented homes better for people to live in. The consultation closed on 4th January 2021.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the consultation the council. The council is carefully considering each response before reaching a decision later in the year. This webpage will be kept up to date with any significant developments regarding the consultation.


Key information relating to the public consultation have been left on this webpage to raise awareness of the phase 2 proposal

The areas subject to the consultation were:

  • Colwick
  • Carlton Hill
  • Daybrook and
  • Newstead Village

The phase 2 proposal consultation sought views to make it mandatory for persons having control of private rented properties to obtain licences within the proposed areas. The licence contains a number of conditions aimed at ensuring properties are suitably managed and gives the Council extra powers to tackle substandard property management.  Our intention would be to work in partnership with landlords, managing agents and residents to improve the area, but where necessary we will be able to use our licensing conditions and enforcement powers to bring about improvements.

The provision, known as selective licensing can apply in areas where there is deprivation, high levels of antisocial behaviour, high levels of crime and poor housing conditions. The proposed licensing scheme will give us the additional resource and powers to safeguard tenants and hold non-compliant landlords to account.

The recordings of two online briefing events can be found below.

Residents event – Held Thursday 19 November


Landlords and Agents event - Held Wednesday 25 November