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Further Statements - June 2017

In her Note of 2 June 2017 the inspector invited comments from interested parties with regards to the Council's Statement [EX/117] and its Further Revised Housing Background Paper Addendum [EX/104A] and Further Revised Policy LPD 63 Housing Distribution [EX/105A] by Friday 16 June 2017. These comments have now been received and can be viewed below.

The statements below all refer to Further Statements - June 2017. 

Consultee ID Name Status
9151009 Northern Trust (Linden Grove) (GVA) Online [55kb]
9151009 Northern Trust (Orchard Close) (Turley) Online [98kb] 
9157121 Langridge Homes Online [235kb] 
9160737 A Carter Online [100kb] 
9164033 Calverton Parish Council Online [909kb] 
14448705 Incles and Corner (Grace Machin) Online [462kb] 
15061665 M F Strawson Ltd (Chave Planning) Online [579kb] 
15184225 Nottinghamshire County Council  Online [57kb] 
15184225 Nottinghamshire County Council Appendix 1 Online [30kb] 
15226145 Troyal Farms Ltd (Oxalis) Online [178kb] 
15283585 Mill Field Close Residents Online [80kb]