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Further Statements - April 2017

Following a request from the Inspector the Council produced a Revised Housing Background Paper Addendum, March 2017, [EX/104] on 31 March 2017 and amended Policy LPD 63 (Housing Distribution) [EX/105] in light of this revised information. The Inspector invited comments on these from interested parties. These comments have now been received and can be viewed below.

 The statements below all refer to Further Statements - April 2017.

Consultee ID

Name Status
9151009 Northern Trust (Flatts Lane) (Turley) Online [77kb] 
9151009 Northern Trust (Orchard Close) (Turley) Online [77kb] 
9152929 Ibstock Group Ltd Online [1,127kb] 
9154369 H Lester Online [14kb]
9160737 A Carter Online [183kb]
9164033 Calverton Parish Council Online [872kb] 
11588961 Linby Parish Council Online [284kb] 
15061665 M F Strawson Ltd (Chave Planning) Online [550kb] 
15189441 Mr and Mrs Champ, Mr and Mrs Devaney and Mr Burrows (Aspbury Planning) Online [278kb] 
15215777 WC Martin Trust (Mark Jackson Planning) Online [1,318kb] 
15226145 Troyal Farms Ltd (Oxalis) Online [148kb] 
15283585 Mill Field Close Residents Online [67kb] 
9164033 Calverton Parish Council - further comments May 2017 Online [1,750kb]