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Aligned Core Strategy (Part 1 Local Plan)

Aligned Core Strategy

The Council adopted the Aligned Core Strategy on 10th September 2014. The document sets out the strategic policy direction for future development in Gedling Borough.  It will be used to help decide planning applications and guide the location and design of development in the borough.

The Core Strategy:

  • provides a broad guide to development and growth in the Borough, setting out locations for major sites (over 500 houses)
  • sets out key issues faced by the Borough to 2028
  • co-ordinates policies, priorities and programmes together with the public resources to deliver them

The Core Strategy does not:

  • set out specific sites for smaller developments (less than 500 houses)
  • set out detailed policies to control future development

Aligned Core Strategy

Aligned Core Strategy Policies Map

Aligned Core Strategy Inspector Report (July 2014)