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Local Planning Document (Part 2 Local Plan)

Local Planning Document

The Local Planning Document (Part 2 Local Plan) has been prepared to include:

  • Detailed policies to help deliver specific allocations and help in the day-to-day assessment of planning applications; and
  • Site specific policies, allocations of non-strategic sites and designations for new housing, employment, retail, community facilities, recreation and open space, nature conservation and other land uses.

The Local Planning Document works with the Aligned Core Strategy (Part 1 Local Plan) (adopted September 2014) to shape future development in Gedling Borough by planning for new homes, jobs and infrastructure. These documents are used to help decide planning applications and guide the location and design of development in Gedling Borough.

The Local Planning Document was adopted on 18th July 2018.

Please note that some of the information shown on the policies map and the appendices to the Local Planning Document may have changed since the adoption of the local plan. For example, Conservation Area boundaries may have been reviewed and if this is the case the latest information is available on our Conservation Areas webpage here. 

Local Planning Document

Interactive Policies Map

Adoption Statement

Local Planning Document Inspector Report (June 2018)  

Examination of the Local Planning Document