Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Consultation

(CIL) Non-Parish Funding Allocations’ consultation

The public consultation runs until 26 February 2019 as the council looks to allocate monies received from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) in non-parish areas. 

The money, 15% of what has been collected from developments outside of the Parish areas of the borough, has to be spent on priorities that should be agreed with the local community in areas where development has taken place.

The council has sought potential infrastructure projects that could be part or wholly funded by the neighbourhood funding.  Nine projects had been submitted and assessed, the assessments carried out recommends that two projects are funded.

We are inviting you to have your say on whether you agree, or disagree, with how we propose to use the CIL Non-Parish Neighbourhood Funding.  Your comments will be considered as we prepare our final recommendations, before a final decision is made by Cabinet in March 2019.

The two projects shortlisted are:

  • Gedling Country Park Car Park Extension (up to £100k)
  • Changing Room Facilities at Lambley Lane Recreation Ground (up to £40k)

The consultation documents are available below:

CIL Non-Parish Neighbourhood Funding Allocations

Consultation Response Form

For more information regarding the consultation for CIL neighbourhood funding in non-parish areas or CIL in general please view the dedicated Non-Parish Funding page or CIL page