Pay and pensions

Pay and Pensions

Pay Policy statement

The purpose of the Statement is to increase accountability in relation to payments made to senior members of local authority staff by enabling public scrutiny.

Executive Summary

Details necessary for publication are explored fully in this Pay Policy Statement in sections three and four.  The Executive Summary does not reflect all information required or recommended in the legislation and guidance described in the introduction above; however, it is designed to show key information in a simple, digestible format.

Pay Policy Statement 2024-25

Pay Rates 2021-22

Pension discretions

The Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations define the details of the scheme for members, employing authorities and the administering authority.

However, the LGPS Regulations allow us to change elements of the scheme for our own particular circumstances and needs. The Pensions Discretions Policy details the changes as agreed by our Appointments and Conditions of Service committee on 25 March 2015.