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Proposals to abolish Gedling Borough Council

Nottinghamshire County Council is looking at a range of options to abolish all the councils in Nottinghamshire and replace them with a unitary “one” council system where just one level of government is responsible for all the services in that area. We want your views to be heard so we are asking that you take part in our own consultation. The deadline to respond to the consultation is 21 December 2018.

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A letter from Councillor John Clarke, Leader of Gedling Borough Council

We are contacting you to take part in our own Gedling borough wide consultation about proposed changes to the way councils are organised across Nottinghamshire.

As Leader of Gedling Borough Council my priority is to you, the people of this borough. We face the prospect of Gedling Borough Council being dissolved and the borough becoming part of a single ‘super’ council that would cover the entire county. In short this would mean that Gedling Borough Council would no longer exist and would be replaced with a single council that will be responsible for providing your local services.

If you live or run a business in the borough of Gedling it is important that you have your say because if the proposals go ahead your council, local services you receive and the council tax you pay is likely to change.

The county council faces a financial gap of at least £54 million over the next three years. There is also an increased demand for all services, especially adult social care and children’s services, which the county council currently spends around 60% of its net budget on.

It is understood that no new Government funding will be allocated to any new council created. This means that a new council will inherit a share of the current shortfall in the county council’s finances.

We are proud that Gedling Borough Council has been very prudent with its budget and managed its finances extremely well. Despite the financial pressures that all local authorities face, we have continued to deliver excellent local services for local people and invested throughout the borough.

This is Gedling Borough Council’s consultation document. We want your feedback on the proposals to get an idea of what the people of Gedling want for the future of their local council and local services.  Even if you have already responded to the county council’s consultation exercise, we urge you to respond to our consultation to ensure that the voice of the people of Gedling is captured. Please take a few minutes to let us know your views on this extremely important issue.

The deadline to respond to the consultation is 21 December 2018.


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