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Gedling Borough Council wants residents’ views on plans to plant 2,500 trees at Digby Park Green Lung Project.

Date Posted: 10:09 AM on Fri, 4 August 2023

Gedling Borough Council has announced it has successfully applied for a grant from Nottinghamshire County Council’s Greenwood programme to fund the planting of 2,500 trees as part of the new Digby Park Green Lung development near Gedling Country Park. The initiative aims to enhance the local ecosystem, combat climate change, and promote a greener, healthier community. As part of the funding criteria, the council are asking residents to have their say on the design options for the park online or at a consultation event in August.

Gedling Borough Council has partnered with Nottinghamshire County Council and Trees for Climate to develop three viable design plans that will be presented to the community for their consideration. The design plans offer distinct approaches to tree placement and landscaping, each with its own benefits and characteristics.

A community consultation event will take place on 9th August at the Westdale Lane Community Centre, Mapperley. The event will take place from 4pm to 7pm, providing time for residents to attend and actively participate. Representatives from Greenwood and Gedling Borough Council will be present at the event to provide detailed information about the initiative, answer questions, and engage with the community.

The tree planting initiative will not only enhance the local environment but also provide numerous benefits such as improved air quality, increased shade, and habitat for wildlife. Additionally, the initiative aligns with the broader goal of creating a more sustainable and resilient community in the face of climate change. Gedling Borough Council has made a pledge to become carbon net zero by 2030 and this scheme will make an important contribution to this commitment.

Visit to take part in the online consultation or join the community event on 9 August at Westdale Lane Community Centre, Mapperley.

Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor John Clarke MBE said:

“This is a great project to have more trees planted here at our Green Lung project at Digby Park. We are very pleased to be receiving this much needed funding from Nottinghamshire County Council to plant the trees and, importantly, fund the ongoing maintenance of the trees.

We all know how beneficial trees are for the climate change and Gedling Borough Council has made it a priority to plant thousands of trees across the borough as part of our commitment to become net carbon zero by 2030.”