Posted On: 12:26 PM on Tue, 15 December 2020

Over 600 families will receive special food and Christmas parcels thanks to council campaign success and the generosity of residents across Gedling Borough who donated to the campaign.

Posted On: 5:36 PM on Tue, 10 November 2020

Gedling Borough Council is launching a new Armed Forces gym membership that will offer free gym access to residents who are part of our Armed Forces.

Posted On: 11:15 AM on Fri, 30 October 2020

The Pride of Gedling Awards, now in its sixth year, celebrates the outstanding work from people, businesses and communities across Gedling Borough.

Posted On: 7:21 PM on Tue, 27 October 2020

We appreciate that our communities and businesses are awaiting clarity and certainty about how the Tier 3 measures will impact on them.

Posted On: 6:35 PM on Fri, 23 October 2020

We can confirm that talks are continuing between government and the council leaders of Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe and that those discussions have been constructive

Posted On: 12:52 PM on Thu, 15 October 2020

Yesterday, Gedling Country Park, Arnot Hill Park, Burton Road Jubilee Park and for the first time, Bestwood Country Park, joined a record number of parks and green spaces collecting a Green Flag Award.

Posted On: 2:05 PM on Wed, 30 September 2020

A report will be presented to Cabinet members to bring to life plans for a new 3.5 kilometre greenway from Netherfield to Gedling Country Park.

Posted On: 3:34 PM on Fri, 4 September 2020

Calverton swimming pool to reopen following £50,000 refurbishment

Posted On: 5:46 PM on Tue, 30 June 2020

The Bonington will be screening films from Saturday with a new look seating plan and reduced capacity.

Posted On: 6:11 PM on Wed, 24 June 2020

Mike Hill, who is currently the Acting Chief Executive, will be officially appointed, subject to Full Council approval, on 15 July. 

Posted On: 4:34 PM on Mon, 30 March 2020

Gedling Borough Council to suspend glass and bulky waste collections to focus on residual and recycling collections

Posted On: 2:22 PM on Thu, 5 March 2020

CCTV camera installed near a busy Arnold road to reduce anti-social behaviour

Posted On: 12:32 PM on Thu, 6 February 2020

Work on new £40 million road officialy starts

Posted On: 10:23 AM on Tue, 28 January 2020

Community centre to be handed to residents who fought to save it from closure

Posted On: 10:00 AM on Thu, 30 January 2020

Gedling borough good causes are being encouraged to sign up to benefit from the Gedling Borough Council’s new lottery, Gedling Lotto

Posted On: 10:17 AM on Wed, 29 January 2020

Towns and villages in Gedling are benefiting thanks to the installation of new bins and the popularity of free bulky waste collections.