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Councillors halt consideration of land sale near Killisick Lane

Date Posted: 4:46 PM on Thu, 1 September 2022

Senior Gedling Borough councillors have put a stop to plans to sell council-owned land near Killisick Lane.

The land had previously been allocated for housing in the 2018 cross-party agreed Local Plan but following a consultation with local residents, senior councillors have decided not to allow a sale of the land to go ahead.

A consultation was launched at the beginning of August to get views from local residents about the impact of a potential sale of the site.

Following comments from the consultation and representations from councillors who represent the area affected, a decision was made by senior councillors not to take any consideration of sale of the land any further and review the feedback provided.

Deputy Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor Michael Payne said:

“We were very clear at the start of the consultation process that the views of nearby residents were essential - we have listened to those views. We have decided the sale of this land will not go ahead.

We said we would listen to residents' views, and we have. We remain firmly committed to working with the community on how we can improve the nearby Hobbucks Nature Reserve for all to enjoy.

Nationally imposed government housing targets have real consequences for local communities - pressure to allocate housing developments on our precious open land and green space is one such consequence.”