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New units planned in Calverton to support local businesses

Date Posted: 3:36 PM on Thu, 27 July 2023 Google map showing Calverton business units frontage

New units planned in Calverton to support local businesses

Gedling Borough Council has announced plans to construct four new industrial units at Hill Crest Park in Calverton as part of its plans to bolster the growth of local businesses. The proposed development, subject to planning approval, aims to provide additional business premises tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Calverton area.

Hill Crest Park currently houses eight business units, catering to various companies, including a machinery manufacturer, directory publisher, shopfitting contractors, and a facilities management company. The popularity of the existing units, and waiting list to get into the units, highlights the demand for such facilities in the area.

Calverton, one of the largest villages in Gedling, has experienced a 7% increase in population between 2011 and 2021, according to the 2021 Census. In line with the adopted Local Plan, the village is expected to continue growing, making it a crucial hub for the Borough's economic development. By expanding the number of business premises, the project aims to foster additional employment opportunities and reduce the need for commuting to other centres.

The proposed scheme will span 462 square meters, providing good space for SMEs to operate. The development is projected to create 18 new job opportunities, thereby enhancing the local employment landscape. The council has also made a commitment to be carbon net zero by 2030 and the units will be equipped with photovoltaic (PV) panels and two electric vehicle (EV) charging points, alongside additional EV provisions for the existing units.

Approval for the planning application is currently pending, and the council has submitted a funding application to the D2N2 Economic Growth Fund Capital Programme, seeking a 50% contribution for the project. In the event of funding approval, construction is expected to commence promptly, with an eye toward supporting the growth of local businesses and stimulating economic prosperity in the region.

Councillor Jenny Hollingsworth, Portfolio for Sustainable Growth and Economy said:

“This is a really exciting investment to a growing economy in the Calverton area. The demand for business units at Hill Crest Park is really high and these plans for four new units will help local businesses growth and create new jobs at the same time. We still have a few hurdles to jump in terms of funding but we are looking at several options and we will be wanting to get this project started as soon as possible and I am sure that residents in Calverton will welcome this investment into their town.”