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Residents benefiting from free home energy improvements

Date Posted: 2:48 PM on Mon, 1 August 2022 A group of people stood in front of a newly rendered house. The outside of the house is blue/purple in colour and has had external wall insulation installed.

Homes in Netherfield and Newstead Village are starting to benefit from free home energy upgrades, including external wall insulation and solar panels.

Gedling Borough Council is working with Nottingham Energy Partnership and E.ON to identify eligible properties in the borough and carry out any appropriate works.

More than £890,000 has been allocated to carry out the works, thanks to the Green Homes Local Authority delivery household retrofit scheme.

Households in Netherfield and Newstead Village with an energy performance certificate D to G, and an annual household income below £30,000, could be eligible for the free improvement works. Potential eligible households are being contacted directly by the council, but residents who think they may meet the criteria can contact Nottingham Energy Partnership by phone on 0115 947 2207 or online at for more information. 

More than 20 homes have already had worked completed to improve their energy efficiency, with more works planned for other properties over the coming months.

Door to door visits at potentially eligible households will also be carried out by Gedling Borough Council staff who will be wearing identification. If you have any concerns following a visit please call 0115 901 3972.

Mr Hammond from Netherfield, who recently had external wall insulation fitted to his property under the scheme said;

“I’m really pleased with the work we’ve had done to the house and with energy bills soaring It couldn’t come at a better time. The house now not only looks great because of the work, but it’s also going to help us save money on our bills too.

It almost seemed too good to be true at first but I’m so glad that we decided to speak to Nottingham Energy Partnership to clarify the details and go ahead with the improvements, especially with it not costing us a penny.

We’re grateful to Nottingham Energy Partnership, E.ON and Gedling Borough Council for arranging and carrying out these works. My advice to anyone is if you’re eligible for it, then go for it.”


Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor John Clarke MBE said;

“It was brilliant to meet with Jack and Elisha at their home in Netherfield and see first-hand what a fantastic improvement the new insulation has made to their property.

We’re working with local organisations to help improve the quality of life for our residents, and by carrying out home improvements like installing free insulation and solar panels, our residents will not only save money on their bills, but they will also be helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

These are long term investments for residents that will bring benefits for years to come and I’m proud that we can work in partnership with other agencies to bring these benefits to residents like Jack and Elisha.

I’d like to thank E.ON and Nottingham Energy Partnership for working with us to bring these upgrades to our residents”


Mark Kirkwood, Green Grant CJS Programme Manager said;

“The Green Grants scheme for Gedling residents is a lifeline to households directly affected by the energy crisis. These home energy improvements will improve energy efficiency and cut fuel bills by hundreds of pounds. External wall insulation typically costs £15,000 to install and can save at least £300 on your energy bills.  Solar panels cost up to £6,000 and can save a home between £200 and £400.

Home insulation helps to keep expensive heat inside the property and solar panels allow homes to generate their own free electricity.  If you live in the target areas we urge you to sign up, these additions will help protect your home from the imminent energy price hike.” 


Sarah Farmer, Director of Residential Solutions at E.ON, said;

“Improving the energy efficiency of homes is not only key to meeting the nation’s net zero targets, it can also dramatically improve people’s living conditions by helping to make their homes warmer and reduce their energy use.

We’re really pleased to be bringing these benefits to households across parts of Gedling as we continue to work with Gedling Borough Council to install energy efficiency measures, such as external wall insulation and solar panels, in the homes of eligible residents.”