Street cleaning

We provide a range of statutory services as part of our parks and street cleansing department. Here is a list of all of the services we provide and how you can report an issue or get in touch if you need a particular service. 

Road and pavement sweeping  

The streets of the Borough are swept on an 8/10 week cycle depending on seasonality. We clean approximately 578 kilometres of roads each year, and are out cleansing the roads, footpaths and streets across the borough every day.

High footfall zones such as town centres are swept early every morning, as are our town centre car parks. Other areas such as remaining car parks, smaller shopping precincts and school entrances are cleansed on a weekly basis. Our roads and streets are cleaned every eight to ten weeks depending on the season and the prevalence of parked vehicles.

Leaf fall

We clear fallen leaves from October until the end of January, at this time our Street Cleansing teams alter their sweeping schedule to concentrate on clearing seasonal waste caused by leaf fall. Across the Borough there are priority streets that are tree lined and are included in this revised schedule. Other areas that have leaf fall issues are cleared on request and in order of priority. All schedules are subject to minor change depending on the circumstances such as vehicle breakdowns and staff absences.

Reports of any blocked roadside gulley’s need to be reported to Nottinghamshire County Council by visiting the Nottinghamshire County Council website.

Litter bins  

Our litter bins across the borough are dual-purpose and can be used for both litter and dog waste. We empty the bins 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year across the borough, with town centre ones being emptied on a daily basis. Those in more remote locations are emptied on a weekly basis. At busy times during the summer months, our street cleansing crews collect in excess of eight tonnes of waste from these bins each week.

Litter picking  

Our team of litter pickers work 7 days a week to keep our main streets clean. They collect around 1,383 kilograms of litter each year. In the hotter months, we increase the amount of litter picking around are parks and open spaces, due to the increase in people visiting them.

Graffiti removal

Offensive graffiti is removed within 24 hours of us receiving the report. All other reported graffiti is removed within 10 working days. We use a high-pressure washer to remove the graffiti.


We will collect fly tips within four working days of them being reported. Our Neighbourhood Wardens will investigate all fly tips and we will take enforcement action against anyone caught flytipping.

You can also be liable if you have paid someone else to take your waste away and they have flytipped. This is known as ‘duty of care’ and we always advise that you only hire a licenced waste removal operator when you are getting rid of waste.

Dead animals  

We remove dead animals from roads and public places in the borough within one working day of them being reported. If the animal is microchipped or has other identification, the owner will be contacted as soon as possible.

Report it

You can report an issue with any of the above services through our report it page.

Hire our street cleansing team for your event

If you are a business or resident that needs our services for clean ups on private roads or at events, we can provide you with a competitive quote on request. Contact our team on 0115 901 3637 for more information.