Recycling item list

Don't waste your recycling, keep up to date on what can be recycled in Gedling 

What goes in your green recycling bin?

Items placed in your green recycling bin must be empty, clean and loose. Do not put any items in plastic bags before placing it in your recycling bin. If in doubt about any items, please put them in your general waste bin.

The items which can be recycled at our current Veolia recycling centre will differ from other boroughs and cities. This means that universal recycling icons on packaging may not always be relevant. Please check the list below for items we can and cannot recycle.

Putting the wrong items in your green bin can cause lorry loads of recycling waste to be rejected and sent to the general waste incinerator instead. Find out more about this on our recycling contamination webpage.

Yes please, these are items we can recycle

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Mixed paper & card (dry and flattened where possible)

Cardboard – cereal boxes, egg boxes, other cardboard packaging (remove tape), toilet rolls

Catalogues, brochures, telephone directories

Greetings cards (no glitter)

Newspapers and magazines

Paper – junk mail, envelopes (includes window envelopes but not padded envelopes), brown paper and writing paper (not shredded, or ripped up paper smaller than a receipt)


Food tins & drink cans (empty and clean)

Aerosol cans

Cans and tins - food and drink

Cartons (not Tetra Pak foil lined cartons)

Large tins (not large metal sweet tins)


Plastics (empty and clean. Please remove lids, squash the bottle and replace lid)

Plastic bottles including lids – milk, water, soft drinks, laundry and household cleaning bottles (not spray bottle tops), beauty product bottles

Plastic tubs and pots – clean yoghurt pots and margarine tubs


Recycling yes please items

No thanks, we can't recycle these items

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Bagged waste – please leave your recycling items loose in the bin

Batteries – please put in a plastic bag on top of your waste bin on collection day (not including car batteries or industrial batteries)

Cardboard/ plastic takeaway packaging (due to food residue)

Cling film

Crisp packets


Food and drink waste - tea bags, egg shells, plate scrapings etc 

Fruit punnet packaging

Garden waste – Grass cuttings, hedge trimmings etc will need to go in your brown bin

Glass – please put clean glass and jars in your glass collections box

Large metal biscuit/ sweet tins

Light bulbs



Paper Tissue

Pet food pouches

Plastic carrier bags, bin liners

Plastic trays



Shredded paper

Spray bottle tops/triggers

Sticky labels

Tetra Pak packaging (Waxy outer with foil lined inner) - juice and milk cartons




Recycling no thanks list

Additional recycling bins

Households that produce an exceptional amount of recyclables can request additional green recycling and glass boxes at the discretion of Gedling Borough Council free of charge by filling out the online form. See the waste and recyling policy for more information.


Find out when your next bin or glass collection day is. 

Visit the Nottinghamshire County Council website for more information on how other items should be disposed of, along with details on Calverton Recycle Centre.