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Proposed Fee Structure





Standard Fee

Part 1, £520

Part 2, £180


Total= £700

For non-accredited landlords

Accredited Landlord fee


Part 1, £430

Part 2, £155


Total= £585

The proposed licence holder is accredited with either DASH, NLA, RLA, Unipol or equivalent landlord accreditation body

Paper Application Form

Additional £60

For the Council to send out a paper application pack and process the completed paper response, rather than submitting online

Missed Inspections


Failure to attend an agreed inspection a charge shall be levied

Part 1 Housing Act 2004


Not all costs can be recovered from the licence fee. Under part 1 of the Housing Act 2004 (Section 49) the Council can charge for relevant costs linked to enforcement work.

NB once an invoice is issued, this charge becomes a local land charge on the property

Application to Vary a Licence

No charge

Includes applications to change the manager, address, number of occupants

Extra Correspondence


Where the Council has to e.g. do more than normal to obtain further information to secure a valid licence application or provide copies of documents requested.