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Current Consultations

A public consultation gets underway on Monday 7th June until Monday 5th July 2021 as the Council looks to allocate the next tranche of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) non-parish neighbourhood funding money. 

The money, 15% of what has been collected from developments outside of the Parish areas of the Borough, has to be spent on priorities that should be agreed with the local community in areas where development has taken place.

The council has sought potential infrastructure projects that could be part or wholly funded by the neighbourhood funding.  A total of 4 projects were assessed, the assessments carried out recommend that two projects be funded at this time with any remaining monies pooled and rolled over for the following year. Views are being sought on the proposed funding projects.  CIL non-parish neighbourhood funding will be allocated on annual basis and restricted to monies held, at this time the pot for expenditure on the non-parish portion stands at over £120,000.

The CIL Non-Parish Neighbourhood Funding Allocations document details the relevant funds which have been collected to date and the projects which have been nominated for awards. If you do wish to make any comments with regards to the nominated projects please do so by completing the Comments Form.

Read the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) document

Community Infrastructure Levy Comments Form

Alongside this consultation period, local community and statutory organisations are being asked to identify appropriate infrastructure projects for neighbourhood CIL receipts in the future.  The nomination period is open throughout the year and infrastructure projects in Non-Parish area can be submitted via the Council’s website.

Nominate an infrastructure project


Where no parish or town council exists the charging authority may use the Neighbourhood Portion of CIL to support the development of the relevant area by funding:-

  • The provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure; or
  • Anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on area.

A guidance note has been prepared detailing how the Borough Council will:

  1. Consult with the local community how the neighbourhood portion of CIL receipts will be spent in non-parish areas.
  2. Decide which infrastructure projects will benefit from funding from the neighbourhood portion of CIL receipts in non-parish area.

The Guidance Note creates a process that invites the local community, groups and organisations to identify and have their say on appropriate projects for expenditure of the neighbourhood portion of CIL receipts.  Groups, organisations and individuals can nominate potential infrastructure projects throughout the year using our online form; the nomination process is now open. 

 Nominate an infrastructure project

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2018/19 Non-Parish Neighbourhood Funding Award

Following the public consultation awards of up to £100k to the deliver a car park extension at Gedling Country Park and£40k towards replacement changing room facilities at Lambley Lane Recreation Ground.

2017/18 Non-Parish Neighbourhood Funding Award

Following the public consultation an award of £3,500 has been awarded to the deliver new lighting as part of the Cinderpath scheme in Netherfield.

If you have questions or wish to be kept informed and consulted annually please send an e-mail to the CIL Officer at with your name, address and e-mail or contact 0115 901 3722.