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Air pollution monitoring and reporting

We monitor the local air quality of the borough by reviewing busy and congested roads and major industrial processes. We do this as part of the Environment Act 1995 and the National Air Quality Regulations 2000 the Air Quality (Amendment) Regulations 2002.

Air Pollution Monitoring

We monitor at key locations around the Borough. Our results are published by DEFRA.


We only do assessments if there is a risk of our air quality objectives being exceeded.

We publish our assessments in our Annual Status Report which includes;

  • Updates of any monitoring data and compares them the objective levels.
  • If there is a risk that air quality objectives will be exceeded, in a place where the public could be affected.
  • Any Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA)
  • Any Action plans to reduce pollution levels

Nottinghamshire Air Quality Strategy

This strategy was created with the aim to control and protect air quality throughout the county.

View the Air Quality Strategy for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire 

Air Quality Management Reports

  1. Air Quality Progress Report 2010
  2. Air Quality Detailed Assessment 2010
  3. Air Quality Progress Report 2011
  4. Air Quality Updating and Screening Assessment 2012
  5. Air Quality Progress Report 2013
  6. Air Quality Progress Report 2014
  7. Updating and Screening Assessment 2015
  8. Air Quality Annual Status Report 2016
  9. Air Quality Annual Status Report 2017
  10. Air Quality Annual Status Report 2018
  11. Air Quality Annual Status Report 2019
  12. Air Quality Annual Status Report 2020
  13. Air Quality Annual Status Report 2021

Management Areas and Action Plans

Following the declaration of an AQMA we have 12 months to produce an Action Plan. The purpose of the Action Plan is to put measures in place to reduce the pollution levels so that the objective is met.