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Contaminated land

We have a duty to inspect our area for sites where land contamination may have occurred due to it's previous land use. We identify sites of land where a pollutant linkage exists and make sure that the appropriate remediation and/or management of such sites is implemented.

Inspection Strategy and Public Register

This strategy details how we will investigate and deal with land that may be contaminated. By investigating land we will ensure that all land in the borough is suitable for use and does not pose unacceptable risks to people, the environment, water or property.

Public Register

We keep a register of contaminated land. The information stored on a formal register of contaminated land is that relating to regulatory action and remediation that has been undertaken at sites within the Borough.

At the present date no sites within the Borough have been determined as ‘contaminated land’ or as ‘special sites’, and as such, there are currently no entries in the register.

Buying and Selling Houses

Conveyancing solicitors routinely carry out ‘environmental’ searches in relation to the land or property their client is interested in buying.  If potential land contamination is identified as a result of the search, further enquiries are normally made of the Local Authorities Environmental Health Department, Planning Department and Building Control Section.

This leaflet, outlines the issues involved; the significance of contamination and why it is important for homeowners; and explains where help and advice can be obtained.

Building on Brownfield Land

Land Contamination is a material consideration in determining planning applications and despite the introduction of the Part 2A legislation in April 2000, the planning process still remains the main driver for dealing with land contamination.

The Local Authorities in Nottinghamshire have produced an advice note for developments on land potentially affected by contamination to give guidance to applicants on the reporting requirements expected to satisfy the planning process, i.e. to ensure that land is adequately investigated and that remediation will make the land suitable for its proposed use.