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Food poisoning

  • Check your symptoms
  • Visit your GP
  • Once you’ve been diagnosed we will be notified by Public Health England.

We will then contact you to fill in a questionnaire to help our investigation.

What to do while your symptoms pass

  • Refrigerate or freeze any foods suspected of causing your illness. This will help with our investigation.
  • Don’t handle or prepare other people’s food
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water before handling food
  • If you work in the food industry, schools or care establishments notify your employer and don’t return to work until 48 hours after symptoms have ceased. We would also recommend you submit a fecal specimen to your GP. The doctor can supply the sampling materials required. Plus they will be able to advise when you can return to work, free of the infection.

What happens after I report an issue?

We’ll carry out a thorough inspection of the food establishment, and assess food hygiene practices, take temperature recordings and samples of food for examination. We’ll also check that paperwork is up to date.

The investigating officer will discuss the findings with you, as the complainant, and advise you if further legal action will be taken.

 Will I get compensation?

Our priority is public health so we can’t act on your behalf to claim compensation. You may take private action and seek independent advice.